Thursday, August 4, 2011

Power Outage - A good thing?

Yesterday we had storms in the area. They quickly blew through, but the winds did some damage in the area. Our power was out for a few hours, no lights, no a/c, no tv, no internet, etc. With no lights to better see the artwork I had set out to complete, I decided to go through a large stack of home decor magazines and thin out my stash ~ you're welcome, sister & thank you for taking them! ;)

Had it not been for the storms, I most likely would not have sorted through and gotten rid of all those magazines that were just taking up space. I also wouldn't have taken the time to sit in my grandmother's old rocking chair while going through them. It's old and a bit creaky, but very relaxing. I didn't realize how much I missed rocking in it.

I'd been cooking beans in the crock pot, but unfortunately they weren't done in time for supper due to the power outage. So, when the power did come back on, I quickly fried bacon and scrambled eggs and we had BLTs (+ eggs and cheese). The tomatoes were fresh from the garden and were delicious!

Not long after I got supper finished, the phone went out and of course, so did the internet ~ for several hours. I had planned on working on my websites and Etsy shops, but with no internet service, I decided to play around with some photos I took yesterday morning of a hydrangea bloom on my windowsill.

I love how the sun, once it rose above the trees, illuminated the bloom and the leaves. And yes, that's the clothes line in the distance. I haven't used it much at all this year. Everyone has been bothered so much with allergies, I didn't want to make them worse by hanging laundry out on the line and then bringing in all the pollen. I miss laundry dried on the line in the sun.

So, this was another thing I accomplished due to power {and phone and internet} outages ~ I took time to edit and play around with these photos. I can't decide if I like them better with more color... or a soft, summery, sun bleached look. Which do you like best?

I also thought of changing my blog banner... again. I like the gray monochromatic banner I have now... but I do love color! :)

{should I use this one?}

{or this one?}

I'm sure I'll be changing it in the fall again. There'll be lots of colorful photo ops!

I was just thinking, I wish I had a Photoshop program to try all the wonderful textures that Kim Klassen creates. I have PS Elements 2.0, but it's pretty old and things look different and I had trouble finding my way around. Maybe it's just me. I seem to be technically challenged a lot lately. Oh well, one of these days... :)

Thank you for stopping by to visit ~ have a lovely day!

Take care and God bless,

p.s. I'd love to order cards made from some of my photos I've taken over the years (instead of printing them at home and making cards as I usually do). Could anyone recommend a company that's economical AND makes quality note cards? Thanks! :)


  1. Answering your tweet question here...Click on Design, then click on Customize under the "Live on Blog" Image. In the left click on Advanced. It will bring up options. Pull the scroll thingie down until you see "Add CSS" Then add the following code:

    .Header img {
    margin: 0 auto;

  2. Dixie! It was so simple! Thank you so much! It had irritated me for quite some time that my banners were off center. You are terrific! :)

  3. I like the more summery sun-washed look, but all your photos were lovely. Thanks for a nice little summer ramble - I could almost feel your Grandmother's rocking chair myself!


  4. Those pics are beautiful! I like the ones with more color. I wish I knew of a good source for printing up cards because I would like to sell some next year - after I get done with the consulting job.

  5. Your 'unpowered' day was truly well spent. The photography is beautiful. Even in that sphere you have a gift!

    As for magazine sorting - well done you. Don't they just pile up over night like dust bunnies and cobwebs?

  6. isn't it amazing what we can accomplish when the power goes out?! your photos are beautiful, and i love your choice for your new banner! :))

  7. Ha~ I hope Della or Barb enjoys your magazines! I need to do that too....reduce my stack(s). But if we had a power outage, I don't think Ben would be able to cope w/o his online games!

    Love the photo editing you did on your new banner! I'll anxiously await note cards (when you've discovered a source.)