Sunday, February 27, 2011

White Pottery

I love white pottery



you name it,
I love it.

I have most of my collection carefully wrapped and boxed for safe-keeping until we finish our remodel. I am anxious to get it all back out again and placed on shelves and tables.

The adorable fat bird was a fun find at a flea market in Dalton, GA last summer for one dollar! I couldn't resist; I tried to walk away, but ended up going back to get it!

The compote which holds the bird's nest and faux eggs was a thrift store find. I can't remember exactly how much it was but I'm sure it wasn't more than a couple dollars.

I purchased the huge ironstone pitcher on eBay several years ago for $13. All the others of comparable size were going for $100 or more. This one had a repair near the lip, but it doesn't bother me in the least.

The ironstone bowl was a 127 Sale purchase last summer for $20. That is much more than I usually spend on one item, but I'd waited a long time to find a bowl to go with the pitcher, and this was the cheapest I'd found to date. I am happy with it. :)

As we change things in the house, I hope to paint some of the small tables white so that I'll eventually have a mostly white / creamy decor. I'd also like to paint the dining table and chairs white, and maybe re-stain the dining table top a very dark stain to match the flooring we purchased.

One of these days, I'll share it with all of you... but don't hold your breath. You know how home renovations go... ;)

Take Care & God Bless,


  1. I too have a weakness for white Lana. Has always been one of my favorite colors. I can never get enough white. I long to paint my dining room chairs and table but I inherited from my grandma and my family still holds ownership in their hearts. Love how you are such an excellent shopper! I look forward to seeing what you create at home.

    Jennifer Duchene
    Home Makeover Mixtress blending lifestyle and laughter

  2. Ironstone, white are not alone in your obsession!