Thursday, February 17, 2011

Drawing a Blank... {updated for Sylvia}

Once before when I was in a rut and couldn't think of anything to blog about, someone said a cute animal photo always worked. So here you go....

{TIP ~ click on each photo for a larger view}

Meet Beans. We'll not discuss why he was called that. Just use your imagination {hint: shew!}

He had thick gray fur and he loved having his photo taken.
He'd pose and play for the camera...

Beans was a good cat. 

Mom's guineas were something else! Mom liked having them around because they kept the seed ticks and other pesky bugs eaten up from the yard. They were also good watch dogs. Anytime someone drove up the long driveway to the house, those guineas made the most awful ruckus you ever heard!

We still have Snowflake. She's an old gal now.
Years ago when I ordered some chicks from a hatchery,
Snowflake loved standing and watching them.

She also liked watching the kittens play in the yard.
They weren't that crazy about letting her watch, though.

We had a cat named Tigger a long time ago. He was such a sweetheart.
He loved sitting on the fence in the sun.
Poor thing, it made him look like his hind legs were missing!

And last but not least {well, I guess he IS least}
is Bodey, the sugar glider.
He came to live with us this past December. He loves having his breakfast with Roger {DH} each morning and then playing in the floor, in the bookcase, and in and under the magazine basket, and in Roger's boots, and under the chairs.... whew!..... until I finally tell him that I need to get to work and he has to go to bed.

He's nocturnal, so after we've been up a little while, he's ready to retire for the day.

Here he is, asleep in Roger's t-shirt pocket...


Well, that's it for the "nothing to talk about" post.

Hopefully, I'll have more to share in a few days.

Tomorrow I'll turn 44 and my youngest son is taking me to the Wal-Mart deli for Ranch Flavored Chicken Wings. How convenient. Now Wesley can pick up that DS {some sort of video game thing} that he wanted while he's there. ;)

Take Care and God Bless,

For Sylvia :)

Turkeys, roosters, hens, baby chicks, and baby turkeys... oh, my!

Below: Someody's watching me...

Midas was THE sweetest rooster ever but he was a bit skittish at times:

Turkey Lurkey keeping the turkey chicks in line:

Below: Linus, he was a pretty boy, and strutted all the time. He was also mean.

Midas helping the girls find a worm...
or maybe the girls are helping Midas...

Below: Silver was a beaut... and mean as all get out!

Turkey Lurkey taking care of baby turkeys:

Below is Sally. She would stand in the doorway, slowly creeping in and I'd have to tell her no and she'd step back out and fuss at me a little, lol!

And below are photos of Goldie as a baby...

and grown...

She was such a heavy hen, she couldn't fly up on my arm the way Henny Penny did or on my shoulder as Colette could. I had to bend down, hold my forearm just a few inches above the ground, and Goldie would step up on it. I'd hold her close to my chest and she'd sit there and go to sleep or lean up and cluck in my ear. I miss her so much. :(

I don't have any chickens now. I had them several years and as time went on, some died, some were caught by raccoons or opossums or foxes and some just disappeared during the day when they were out roaming in the yard and edge of the field and woods. I'd love to start fresh with chicks again in a year or so, but for now, our cats, dog, horse, and sugar glider are keeping us busy. :)


  1. Hey...where your pet chicken? I thought you'd include a shot of her in your post. I can't remember her name...was just thinking about you and her the other day, and told my hubby about how you had a pet chicken that would sit on your lap inside. :)

  2. You've had quite a zoo over the years! I love those pictures of Beans especially.

  3. And those are no where near all the animals we've had Donna! ;)

  4. Love all the photos! Bodey is adorable! Those eyes! :) What a sweet photo of him asleep in your DH's pocket! Too cute!

    Have a wonderful birthday tomorrow! I chuckled about going to WalMart for your bday lunch (yes, very convenient)! Funny how that works! ;)

  5. Yep . . you can never go wrong with cute animal photos!
    Loved all yours!

    Lori Ann

  6. Oh, Lana, what a good looking group of animals you have had. Your chickens were gorgeous! And they had so much personality, I don't remember my grandma's having any personality, they were just plain mean and flew at me. My sister and I were talking about them the other night. She said I'd send her in the henhouse first to distract the hens so they wouldn't fly at me but I could reach under then and get the eggs.

  7. Nothing better then a good pet post. I'd never heard of a sugar glider.....what a cutie!
    Wish we had chickens too but always worry about their safety.


  8. Wow, what a menagerie!
    And that Beans! What a little ham!!