Sunday, November 28, 2010

Guest Artist ~ Jeanne Winters

Hi everyone! Are you ready to meet another artist? This week I want to introduce to you the talented Jeanne Winters. I found her amazing art on Etsy some time ago and I just love her fresh, vintage, inspirational artwork! Jeanne's Simply Inspiring gift collection may be purchased at Hallmark Gold Crown stores and her Inspirational Home book is available in her Etsy shop. If you purchase no later than Monday, you will get an extra signed copy of her book!

The following are just a few questions and answers to acquaint you with Jeanne. You'll have to visit her blog to read more. :)

1. Why do you do the art that you do?

An artist just has to get it out. ideas pop into my head and then I'm compelled to make it happen. I want to create "happy" inspirational art. my art is an expression of my faith. I think the Bible is so amazing and I try to portray the love & uplifting messages from it in my work.

2. What is your favorite decor style?

Beach cottage! I love the clean look of whites & aqua blues, with casual eclectic furnishings and some vintage accent pieces.

3. What is your earliest memory of crafting / creating?

I can remember drawing pencil portraits of my little friends in 2nd grade. That's one of my first "real art" memories.

4. What time of day (or night) are you most creative?

I'm a night owl and can really get into a groove staying up until the wee hours. It's terrible thing to do when you have little kids, as it's painfully hard to be bright, perky and "always on" the next morning! So, I can't pull it off much anymore!

5. Describe your dream studio.

My dream studio is light and airy and full of every type of paint, brushes and craft supply known to man. No big requirements. Oh wait! It has to overlook the ocean! A warm ocean with a white sandy beach between my open french doors and the softly rolling waves. And lots of space for my kids to get messy doing art alongside. And a nice sound system. :-)

Jeanne ~ thank you so much for letting us learn just a bit about you and your work. :)

Please leave a comment for Jeanne, and when you are through, be sure to visit her blog and websites.

Jeanne's blog ~
Jeanne's Etsy shop ~
Jeanne's twitter page ~


Take Care and God Bless,

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  1. hi lana!

    another fabulous artist@ i love everything she
    creates, especially the "rejoice" sign.

    you are doing a marvelous job assembling
    different women of faith. i so respect you for it.


  2. Hi Lana... thanks for introducing Jeanne.. love her works... those are so beautiful!!

  3. ~ Squeal ~ I won her book in a giveaway earlier this year!!! I highly recommend it to anyone who wants it for their own reference library or for a gift!