Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Ribbon Roses

These pretties will be leaving home soon to go to a local shop...
unless someone online sees one that they want. Before I boxed my items up, I thought I'd offer some here first.

Here's a description:

Lovely, romantic, and nostalgic, these vintage style corsage pins are perfect to wear to an autumn party, a fall ball, a wedding, and would even be a pretty accent piece for your denim jacket! Made from faintly iridescent robin's egg blue ribbon or copper / brown / taupe iridescent ribbon. Vintage millinery stamens were purchased from my favorite trims and embellishments dealer in Europe. Other accents include velvet millinery leaves. They are finished on the back with matching felt and a nickel plated pin clasp. Corsages are approximately 4" - 4 1/2" across.

Price: $12 each plus $3 first class shipping (international customers please inquire about shipping).

If interested, please email me: honeysucklelane@hotmail.com and specify by the number on your particular rose in the photo.

And Sam would like to say hello........

I was on the back porch for a little while taking photos and he just had to stay underfoot the entire time, purring and rolling around, waiting for his soft, furry tummy to be rubbed. :)

Thanks! :)


p.s. THANK YOU to those of you who wrote such encouraging and inspiring comments regarding my last post. I'll do a proper thank you very soon.

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  1. Hi Lana, your corgage flowers, are lovely,
    ,and lobe your breast cancer wreath ,too- very beautifull.