Saturday, September 12, 2009

Through Virtual Doors...

When I walked through the virtual doors of internet groups a few years ago, I was a bit apprehensive. I was cautious and decided to join a moderated craft group that was open only to members. I soon found that it was a group filled with delightful ladies who shared with others their love of crafting and of early American history.
It was in that first group that I heard of online market groups. I eventually joined a few of those and began selling my handmade items in craft co-ops.
As a member of those groups, I became acquainted with more and more kind, caring, and thoughtful women. Many of us have been on groups together for quite some time; long enough for me to learn that these women are as thoughtful and generous and gifted as anyone a person could ever meet.
Today I came home and found a package in my mailbox. I recognized the sender, but hadn't ordered anything from her. It was from Barb of thimblefolk ~ we have been in a few online markets together for a few years now. When I opened the package I couldn't have been more excited! It was a bird on a pincushion that I had admired.
And it was MY COLORS!

Just look at this sweet bird. Barb's work is always adorable; always whimsical.

I love the feather stitches and Fench knots all around the pincushion.

And look ~ Barb even added a little teapot charm! One of the groups that we are on together is The Eclectic Artisans, or TEA.

She combined so many of my favorite things: birds, sewing (pincushion and spool of thread), and that gorgeous color! Barb included a card of her adorable Mr. Whipplestitch and a note about why she sent me the gift. She is such a kind and giving person.
Pictured below, along with my gift from Barb, is a wonderfully rustic birdhouse from Jen of Country Rustic Primitives. She makes the best birdhouses, and if you get one from her, you are very lucky. I don't think she makes them as often since she is busy with her fantastic stitcheries.
The gorgeous hooked rug / mat in the foreground was designed and hooked by Barb's sister, Sarah of The Paisley Studio. It looks perfect in my workroom and I love the folk art design!
Jen and Sarah are also on our TEA group.

Now, let's back-track a little... About a week and a half ago, I received a package in the mail, from a name I recognized, Cheri, but I wasn't expecting anything for her.
I opened it and I cried. Just out of the blue, I was given this touching piece of art from a friend that I met in the first online group I had ever joined.
This painting was inspired by a photo I took of a rambling rosebush that belonged to my Mom. Cheri knew of the relationship I had with my Mom and she knew how much I loved her and how much I miss her. And she painted this for me.

Cheri designs and cuts her own stencils, and then hand paints the theorems with oils. Look at all the detail and shading! Her work is always perfection.

Cheri has so many talents: painting, papercutting, basket weaving, quilting, and much, much more. She generously gives many of her quilts to foster kids and to families of stillborn babies. I got to meet Cheri and her husband, Matt, a couple of years ago when they were on vacation. It was too short a visit, but long enough for me to know she is a wonderful person.
I am so blessed to have met so many kind and caring people through blogging and online craft groups. You do have to use caution when online, but for the most part, it is a rewarding experience in more ways than one!


  1. Hi Lana!
    I don't always comment while visiting blogs, but I do enjoy yours so much. Thank you for sharing the crafty ladies today. The bird is a sweetie!

  2. What beautiful presents! All those ladies are so talented!

  3. Lana, Dear -- What goes around, comes around. You have friends who are caring, thoughtful and talented because *you* are all those things and more! I will always value our friendship, even if we never meet.


  4. Lana...what we used to say when we were kids...takes one to know one? You are a kind, generous , thoughtful and giving lady. I've admired your work since I saw it in Victoria magazine.

    That linen pincushion had your name on it...I'm so glad you are pleased.