Wednesday, May 27, 2009

this and that...

Ooooohhh..... Sam was feeling soooo good! He was rolling around in the grass, and purring.
And you know why?
Oh he really loves that stuff! I have it growing along the side of the house and it has taken over the entire bed! When I'm outside and Sam is nearby, I pull off some leaves and crush them a little, drop them on the ground and here he comes. I used to have a cat that everytime he ate it he became very hyper, not Sam though, he just loves to chew on it and then roll around in it.

The little rambling rose that I brought from my parents' homeplace is blooming. Mom loved that rose and I made sure to dig it up and bring it here to keep it going when she passed away.

I don't remember the name of it though; I wish I could. I do know it came from another old homeplace years and years ago. I think it's so pretty.

I finished another wreath this morning and listed it on etsy. This is another one from a vintage Alice and Jerry book:

I don't have little boys anymore, mine are 19 and 24, but I still enjoy making things for children and children's rooms.

Thanks for dropping by today!



  1. That's so funny about the catnip! I think it is part of the mint family and the cats are attracted to the smell.

    How sweet that you got a rose bush that your mom had! It is an old fashioned, pretty one!

  2. I think cats tend to act one or the other in terms of catnip. I had one that would quickly eat it and act crazed for more while the other cat would just rub his head all over it and drool until the concrete step had a HUGE drool spot. Funny and gross at the same time. LOL My current cats mostly just eat it and search for more. I always keep a big patch of it in the garden.

  3. Cute pic! I have to put pots of catnip in a tree or both of my cats would have it all eaten down to the dirt in minutes! They are crazy about it!

  4. Your Sam is such a sweetie... I love the photo you took of him. :)

  5. Awww, scratch Sam's belly for me...cute photo! At least it relaxes him, and not the other!
    Love the new wreath!