Friday, September 11, 2009


In between other projects I've been slipping in some ribbonwork; only this time it's not ribbon embroidery, but ribbon flowers ~ pansies, to be exact.

I usually think of pansies as spring flowers, but many people plant them in the autumn, and if the winter is mild, they are blessed to have lovely flowers autumn, winter, and in the spring!

I used new ribbon for the base of the posy pin, but most of the pansies are made from vintage seam binding ribbons.

Some of the vintage ribbons are from my thrifting expeditions, and some of the vintage ribbons are from two very kind and generous ladies, Twila and Shari ~ thank you!

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Have a lovely day!


  1. Oh Lana....everything you create is just beautiful!!!!! I love these...xxoo, Dawn

  2. Glad I stumbled across your blog to learn of your lovely ribbon flowers! I am working on similar things @ home. Will check out your etsy shop! Cheers, Julie