Saturday, August 1, 2009

Heaven... I'm in Heaven.......

... that's what I am sure Sam was purring the day he discovered bundles and bundles of catnip in the backyard! I had cut and bundled all the catnip and left it in the backyard while I went in the house for something. When I came back outside, this is what I found:

Oh how Sam LOVES catnip!
He eats it, then rolls around and around...

...and around...

ahhhhhhh.... this is the life for a cat...

After the catnip dried in my basement, I stripped off all the leaves and blooms to use in my handmade catnip mouse toys.
Scooter seems to like his toy:

he played and played...

then he decided to take it somewhere else, probably so that Sam wouldn't take it from him!

I have a few sets of catnip toys for sale tonight at the TEA webshow listed under Honeysuckle Lane.
Come on over for a visit: The Eclectic Artisans


  1. If only they had catnip for humans, hahaha!!!

  2. Lana,
    I just love your Sam and Scooter,
    They are a riot with that cat nip.

  3. Sam and Scooter seem to be 2 Simlpe Joyus cats! Great pics..

  4. What a lucky kitty!!! I bet he did think he was in heaven!

  5. Hi Lana, dear. It was so nice to hear from you. I am a cat lover and enjoyed seeing your photos. I don't have a cat right not because we go away a lot and it just isn't the time to have a pet, but if I did, I would buy one of your catnip bags. Great idea. Take care.

  6. Your kitty Sam reminds of my first cat Harley Barley, he passed away a few years back but I think of him often. He would have loved your catnip toys:)

  7. Oh that really is Kitty Heaven... I agree with Donna- I wish there was catnip for humans (actually, there probably is, but I'm sure it's illegal- haha!)

  8. Actually, Donna and Jacquelynne ~ you can purchase catnip tea at health food stores, or at least you could in the past. I had a friend who used to buy it.

  9. Poooooooooor kitty! Mama teases him so! I hope you left a bit for him~ tho I bet he was all hung over from his little bit of Bliss~ HAHA HA! Say hello to Mr Turkey for me too~ hope you are having a wonderful summer Lana~ the fruit of your hands is beautiful as ever~
    xoxoxoxo rachael