Sunday, August 16, 2009

A Few Favorites...

I think I've shared some of my collections before but I thought I'd share this photo with you today. I was taking photos of my latest wreath for etsy, and decided to hang it over a mirror to show another way to display them.

And that brings us to one of my favorite things ~ old mirrors. I actually have 6 hanging right there in the foyer, although you only see the largest one in that shot. I have several more in other rooms, and even more sitting around waiting to be placed in just the perfect spot.

Another love of mine is old hardware as seen in the tall metal compote. I can't resist old door knobs, hinges, metal doo-dads of any kind... even those that I have no idea of their use.

And last, in the photo, is the walnut fiddle that my husband made from scratch ~ no kit! Some one gave him a chunk of walnut. He referred to photos (and an actual fiddle if I remember correctly), and rough cut the basic shapes. He used a piece of broken glass to carefully, and meticulously, carve and shave, and carve and shave, until the walnut was shaped just so, and then he put it all together to make this wonderful instrument.

He is so talented... and yet so humble about his talents. This is definitely a piece that will be passed down through the family.


  1. WoW - your husband making that fiddle from a chunk of walnut is amazing!! How wonderfully talented he is.

    Sounds like you make a good pair :-)


  2. That is incredible that he made that fiddle!

    I love how you do your photography set-ups. You really know how to showcase your work well!

  3. I cannot believe your husband actually carved the violin: it is outstanding. I am partial to the instrument as my son played the violin for eight years. Lovely memories came rushing back when I saw your beautiful photograph featuring your wreaths that I LOVE!!

  4. Thanks for the comment on my blog!
    I really like your wreath, hanging it on the mirror is a great idea. The photo of that arrangement of objects is lovely.

    Your hubby sure is a handy guy!

  5. Wow-your husband is talented! I am so thankful that you visited my blog because I am loving your blog! I too love old hardware and anything architectural. As much as I love old mirrors I have to limit myself otherwise the entire house would be covered in them:). I look forward to visiting again soon!



  6. Lana,

    Well now that I have discovered you I am entranced by your work. I love how you give old books new life. I think you'll enjoy seeing what other people have done with old books in my book The Find. John Derian covered an entry with books he found at Brimfield and Coastal Living's Heather Chadduck used French accounting ledgers to do the same, and to crimp beautiful placemats. May I pull some of your images to feature? I think I'll feature them next Tuesday. What do you think? Stan

  7. Roger does beautiful work! I loved seeing all of his handiwork when I visited. I agree, you are both a talented pair!

  8. Love your blog ran across it while signing up for the flea market style blogroll. I am a TN girl as well as someone who loves old mirrors, I wrote a post on them too last week. Can't wait to see your fall items (esp. the owls)!

  9. Well Lana, He did an amazing job.It is definitely a heirloom piece. I cannot believe he didn't go out and buy hundreds of dollars worth of tools to do it either.