Thursday, August 13, 2009

Facebook challenged

Quite some time ago I decided to open a Facebook account. Soon after, I was swamped with people wanting to be my friend! I hadn't even told anyone I was on FB, didn't really know how it worked as of yet, and didn't know 95% of these potential friends! I thought my account was hidden anyway. So, I closed it. Fast forward several months to... oh.... maybe 2 months ago. After reading about how facebook helps with artists' sales, I thought I'd give it a try, after all, who couldn't use a little help in this economy? I re-open my account, and left it there. It was so confusing to me... nothing like blogger... maybe a bit more like twitter as everyone seems to post short posts. Now we are in the present, and I hear more and more people talking about how wonderful FB is... ok... let me try it once more then. This morning I finally, after repeated attempts and having to reset my password, I finally log into my account. Wow! All these people want to be my friend? I'm both flattered and honored! I had been getting a few email messages about so-and-so wanting to friend me, but I just deleted them from my email knowing I probably wouldn't be going to FB any time soon. So now here is this loooong list of people wanting to be-friend me. Why not take the plunge? I would only friend those who I know or who I have heard of through blogs and craft groups... people I think will be nice people and not have "bad" stuff on their walls (see? at least I know you have a wall there, lol!). I begin sending messages like crazy... and those word verification things are driving me nuts with each new message, but I continue like a mad-facebooker.... until......... and this is so funny............ I realize that all these people were just suggestions ~ not actual people who have asked to be my friend! Talk about embarrassing!!! So, if you got a request from me to be your friend, I thought you had already asked me and I was just replying! I will do my best to learn how to participate in FaceBook and not be a total dork. Honestly. Soon. I think I will try to have an account just for my business too, if it's not too complicated.

In the meantime, I have listed another 1897 Medical Book Wreath on etsy. A closeup of the centerpiece is at the top of this post. It's the last one from that book, since I have run out of pages. I do have a few interesting illustrations left that I hope to use on something else that I make.

Thanks for checking in, and if you have any FB tips, feel free to comment!

I would post how to get to my FB page here, but I don't know how, lol!


  1. Hahaha! Sometimes I think that FB is the bane of my existence- I use it as a glorified address book really, not spending much time there at all, but many if not all of my friends are complete addicts and don't understand my flippant attitude about the whole thing. I just really don't get it either, I guess!

    But through FB I have found a few long-lost friends from my childhood, so I try to not complain too much.

  2. YOu are too funny....some of these things are crazy though..facebook can be busy..but it is a great tool..I thought about doing just a business one as well..but then again..I have mostly business stuff on my regular why bother....NOW me twitter is insane..not to put down the folks who do twitter..but who the heck has time to drop by twitter ever 5 minutes and tell the world what they are doing....I certainly do not..nor would I want the world to know what i'm doing every 5 minutes....but..that being said...twitter gets' your name and your work out is most likely worth the I need to go do a twitter page...shucks!!!


  3. Maybe it will help with your marketing, so more power to you, LOL. I will not be doing Facebook. Too much of an investment in time and quite frankly, I don't want some people to find me! haha! Just be careful on there because it is a time waster and you can get computer viruses so easily. A friend got her computer totally fried just a couple of weeks ago by clicking on an innocent looking link.

  4. I would love to be your friend on facebook sweets!!! I'm under Dawn Coleman truly is a wonderful way to network, advertise your beautiful artwork and meet folks you've not seen in years!!!! Some use it excessively but that doesn't mean you have to ~ use it for what works for you :) xxoo, Dawn

  5. Hi Lana, LOL!!!! That is just hilarious!!! I do not know a thing a bout face book but if I would try an open an account I will remember that!! Thanks for sharing!!

  6. Came by way of No Sugar, Extra Cream. Loved your icon! And, I so too believe in the wonder of simple joys!

    Have recently opened a FB account and, sister, I feel your pain! LOL!

  7. Funny...I felt lost at first too! It is coming along, lots of networking, learning curves and such, muttling through. I am on there as Cecil and Company USA, feel free to become a fan and maybe by watching others, you will get it too...Timothy Adams has a blog called Handmadeology that has helped me alot! Good Luck!

  8. Hehe oh how funny Lana - I just laughed out loud at your Facebook story. :) Once you get the hang of it though, it is a great networking tool (at the cost of being yet another time-sucker).


  9. Lana, your post is so funny! Just like you, I am trying to figure my way around Facebook, and I have to say I don't really like it. I've never been one for jumping onto new technology or new ideas, and to be honest, facebook, twitter, and texting all seem so superficial--like everyone is trying to put something out there just to get it out there (i.e. 'I'm on the porch watching the neighbors', etc.). It all seems so meaningless to me, but I keep reading it will help grow your business. We'll see. Until the numbers are in, just call me skeptical.