Friday, November 21, 2008

Brrrr~ It's soooo cold!

It's sooo c-c-c-old that my little candle has icicles on it! See in the pic above?
Ok, I know many of you bloggers are laughing ~ it's not THAT cold here in TN compared to where you live. But all of a sudden, here on the plateau, we are having night time temps in the teens and day time temps in the 30s and I'm freezing! We keep the heat set at 68, but have a ventless gas fireplace that stays on to keep it a little warmer in the house. I used to wear shorts or capris and a T and go barefoot all year long here at home, but this fall I've been wearing my flannel jammies, sweats, socks, fuzzy houseshoes, and I'm still cold! I think it's old age, after all I am forty one. No, I'm not ashamed of my age, but it just seems old now, especially when it physically hurts, lol! My fingers and toes are so cold that they hurt, my joints ache and pop when I move around... maybe I need to move where it's warm all year long... my daughter would love that! All right, I'm through complaining. I could live where it's below zero ~ then I really would be cold!

I suppose the cold weather does have it's advantages ~ it has put me in the mood to make some of my snowfolk for the next TEA webshow! hosted by The Eclectic Artisans! I will have 2 items on TEA, but hope to have a few more on my website the same day. I have a link on my sidebar, but you may visit using this link too.

If you like sweet little vintage Christmas ornaments made from spun cotton, sequins and beads, chenille, etc., you may want to check out my eBay auctions. I have one set there now, but hope to add a few more in the next week or so. I am deciding whether to put more on eBay, or just sell for a set price on etsy. I'll let you know when and where.

If you are near the Victorian village of Rugby, TN on November 28th, stop by and see me! I will be set up in the Commissary (upstairs) selling my handmade wares. Follow this link to read about it, get directions, etc.
Thanks for stopping by, and come again soon!
And stay WARM!!!
Take Care & God Bless,
Lana of Honeysuckle Lane



  1. Lana, you are NOT old!....coming from someone who is older, but who could still read the tiny print you typed your age with! :)
    It is cold here too, but it does put you in the mood for creating....can't wait to see your snowfolk for TEA!
    Wish I did live closer and could visit you in Rugby...have fun and wear those fuzzy slippers. (Well, maybe not to the show!)

  2. I know what you mean- I am (gasp) 42 and I find that if I sit for more than 5 minutes, EVERYTHING stiffens up on me!
    I'd love to come and visit you- how long do you think it would take me to get from NJ to TN? (at least gas is cheap now....)
    Best of luck at your show.

  3. It is freezing cold up here in NJ today too! I am looking forward to seeing more of your new snowfolk. :)

  4. I have heard of Rugby but can't think exactly where it is. I didn't see any directions on that site. I am 5 years older than you! But I'm about to walk to your house and get you and we'll walk back to my house and so on and so on ;)well we might stop for a yard sale or two...grab a hoodie!

  5. sure did type your age in tiny print Lana. I do know what you mean though, I'm 42 and I get very stiff after sitting for only a few minutes.

    It's very cold here, 9* right now with a very blustery wind..sure wish a good ole snow storm would come along, then I would not mind the cold so much.

    Can't wait to see your TEA offerings.

    Have a wonderful day :)