Tuesday, July 29, 2008

24 years & Up to my ears in corn!

So far, I have 4 dozen quarts of green beans canned, 7 quarts of tomato juice (did those last night), a few quart bags of peppers frozen, and just now sat down to rest a while from bagging 9 dozen ears of corn for the freezer! I am so tired and I still have a large black canner full of corn to make cream corn later tonight.

Today is mine and Roger's 24th wedding anniversary. We had plans to spend the day together and eat supper at Outback Steakhouse, but he needed to work, the engine light is on in my Taurus again (just paid nearly $400 a couple weeks ago to fix it), and the corn was ready to pick. So early this morning he picked the corn before he went to work, and I have spent all day shucking, then cleaning and blanching and wrapping and bagging..... I will probably dream about corn tonight, lol! After all my complaining ~ I will say that I am very thankful for a good garden this year and we will appreciate it this winter. We'll see if I say that again after we've opened the 48th jar of green beans and have eaten the 108th ear of corn!

Now we are in the market for a good used upright freezer. We have a small chest freezer, but whatever's in the bottom always gets forgotten. I will have to search the classifieds in the next few days I guess.

I did manage to get another set of Sepia & Colonial Blue Frakturs painted while the tomato juice was simmering last night. Then this morning before I started with the corn, I did the little bit of shading and framed them. They will be available this weekend. I am also having a giveaway for my mailing list customers. I have a questionnaire for them to fill out and return by email, and all the names will go in a drawing for $20, $15, and $10 shopping coupons, good for anything on my website or the 3 online markets where I sell my handmade items. If you'd like to be included, just go to my website and sign up on my mailing list.

Roger's home and we're grilling steaks.... and then the corn will soon be calling my name..... happy anniversary honey!



  1. Oh my! That is some corn! It looks wonderful though! I stumbled across your blog while on Tonya's. You create just lovely things and your blog is so wonderful! Congrats on your 24th wedding anniversary! I'm so sorry you and hubby won't get to spend it together, but I'm sure he'll make it up to you, they always have a special way of sending flowers or planning a wonderful night out!

    I have you marked! I'll be back, thanks for a wonderful read!

  2. Happy Anniversary!!!!!

    I'm so jealous of your garden...and your ability to can! Fresh produce is hard to get down here.

    Have a great night!


  3. Hi dear Lana. It was wonderful hearing from you on my blog this evening. I envy you and your wonderful veggie garden. So far I had 1 tomato, eaten by something. The rest are small green ones. What's up with that? Maybe next year Bill and I will find some time to till a larger piece of groud so we can have a lovely garden like you. How wonderful to have all those beans and corn! Tomato juice too! Fabulous!!
    Sending you a great big hug.

  4. How could I forget to say Happy Anniversary to you and Roger. Bill and I just celebrated our 46th this past July. Time sure does fly when you're having fun. Your fracturs are beautiful too!!

  5. Oh my goodness girl, how do you do it all? I know you will reap the rewards this winter, that's the good thing. Happy Anniversary to you and your DH...and get some rest. Blessings, Nancy

  6. Congratulations on 24. I love fresh corn. I tried growing corn in my very first garden, not knowing that it had to cross-pollinate and I only planted one row. After quite a lot of money in worm gold and a whole list of organic products and only having a few ears (small ears), I went to the grocery where they were 10 for a dollar. That was the end of corn. Now I grow a few good tomatoes. Thank you for your support and inspiration. I am pressing on....
    Hugs & Corn,

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  8. I'm sure Outback Steakhouse has nothin' on your grilled steaks and fresh corn.... Happy Anniversary!

  9. Hope you had a great anniversary! I know what you mean about the corn, LOL! We have WAY too much food coming out of the gardens!

  10. Wow, you got more done in one morning than I manage to in a week! I am impressed! Happy anniversary!~

  11. Happy Anniversary,sounds like you had a nice evening at home. The corn looks yummy, but I know you are tired of seeing it!

  12. Whoa! That's a lot of corn. Happy Anniversary... hope your steaks were great. I always think home grilled steaks are better than the ones you can get out, anyway.

    :-) Christi

  13. Wow, Lana, you've been busy!! I'll be coming down this winter when I'm craving some corn! I hope you had a wonderful anniversary!! Take care~Jackie

  14. Happy Anniversary!!!

    I am just staring my canning!
    I did 19 quarts of beans and have tons more to do!
    Starting sweet corn next week!

    How do you do your corn on the cob for the freezer?
    I have never tried freezing it!

    Hugz, Dolly

  15. Well, I'm late, but I do hope you had a super anniversary.
    We've been up to our eye balls in corn and maters too Lana. It has indeed been a good year. Last year, we didn't get one ear, and all the maters rotted before they ripened. Nothing better, than fried taters, a big juicy tomato with a piping hot corn on the cob, and finish it off with cornbread! YUM!
    Hope everything works out with the car. UGH!
    "His Grace is sufficient"
    Sending love from down the road in Tennessee...