Friday, February 15, 2008

Lazy Cat & A Bird in the Hand...

Meet Sam...

he's about the best mouse catcher around...

Or so I'm told...

Soon as he's good and ready, he'll catch a mouse...

My Mom gave Sam to me a few years ago. She was over-run with cats and needed some help in finding homes for them. Mom lived in an out of the way area near an old bridge and people took advantage of the remoteness for years and dropped off their unwanted animals there. Mom and Daddy were never pet-poor! They gave away all that they could, but always had lots of cats and dogs. There was no local animal shelter or pound to speak of, and the one group in the area that was formed to help with this problem unfortunately usually found some reason why they couldn't come pick up the strays that were set off near her home.

Sam is a sweetie. He lives on our back porch and in the barn loft. Soon as he sees you coming he drops to the ground and starts talking to you and rolling over for his tummy to be scratched. He's an odd cat though.... he doesn't like gravy... and he lies beside his bowl and lets the chickens and wild birds eat his cat food. I suppose I have a lot of odd animals.... Sam won't eat gravy, the chickens like cat food, and my dog eats the chicken feed... and the turkey thinks he's a chicken, pecks on my front door when I don't let the chickens out of the pen, and he stands by the road and calls to the cars that drive by..... and you thought life in the country was boring, lol!


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Thanks for checking in today!
Don't forget to hug you cat today... or your dog.... or chicken... or horse.... or mule... or turkey.....


  1. Ok, I'll hug my dog today! You know I love your "Bird in the Hand" whimsies!....especially the one you made for me!

  2. Lana, what a fun post!!! your pets sound silly and cute, i love it!!! and Sam is a beauty:)
    your birds in the hand are just wonderful!!!

  3. Love your work! It has a rustic elegance to it. The bird in the hand is wonderful. I got a chance to go through your blog and just love the photography. The font you use is wonderful too. Thank you for sharing!


  4. Sam is a sweetheart! When I was a little girl, I had a cat named "Sam" -- actually her name was "Samantha"..... she was grey too.
    We have three cats now; I just love them!

  5. Sam is adorable!! And I will definitely hug my dog :-} Lovely blog & post.

  6. Lana,
    Sam is adorable!!! I would love to come visit your beautiful animals!!!

    Your offerings this month are divine as always!

    I LOVE your new banner and your springy green back ground! Makes me want to go color my blog now!


  7. Hey Lana, so glad you stopped by. Happy Late Valentine's Day to you as well. Love all the blue pretties you've made. Have a great weekend, Theresa

  8. Hi, Lana, birds, birds, birds, i love you.
    ¡¡nice works¡¡

  9. I love this story of Sam and your other animals. Some of them remind me of my own. Pets are funny, aren't they!

    Beautiful creations, as always! Love to visit...


  10. I linked here, well, somewhere! Can't remember now. But I'm glad 'cuz I'm lovin' your witty writing about your animals. And...your Bird In The Hand is adorable. What a fab idea! I've bookmarked so I won't lose you and I'll be back. I like to visit blogs that make me smile, and especially animal lovers. I'll hug my bird..well, I do all the time anyway! :) Nice to meet you.

  11. Sam is cuddly, snuggly adorable. And oh dear you *do* have some interesting animals and their habits. hehe. Reminds me of Tiger, my suburban cat who eats like a Labrador and beginning to look like a Sharpei (sp?) and rules the neighborhood. Even w/o front claws (we didn't do that dasterdly deed to him...nosireebob) he's the *best* mouser! I love furry friends. :o)

    Thank you for visiting my blog - glad you enjoyed it. :o) I'll be back to yours...of course! :o)

  12. He looks like he could use a tunny scratching!

    We lived on the edge of town for years and inherited some pets that way too. Now that town has grown up and around us, I think people go further out in the country to shamefully dump their pets.

  13. Lana I just love your bird in hand pieces as I love all of your beautiful work!
    Please stop by my blog when you get a chance to pick up the award that I have bestowed upon you.

    Cathy :)

    Oh and yes I've hugged my cat today, but the chickens and duck prefer to be loved from a distance. ;)

  14. Love your pets, and your whimsies!

  15. Lana...Sam is precious!
    And I love your whimsies...they are always so full of charm!
    Have a great day...

  16. Isn't Mr. Sam a handsome fellow! I love my doggies each and every day, but today I'll give'em an extra squeeze! Aren't furr babies wonderful?

    Lovely offerings as always and I love your new Spring makeoever!! Toodles..Angie

  17. The fact that you're surrounded by all those critters just means they fancy you!They know you've got a soft spot for animals and they aim to fill it.
    Life would be pretty dull without furry and feathered friends around!
    xo Susan

  18. Oh i have hugged my dog today. He is so sweet. Have a great night..Mary

  19. Lana, I just love your blog :) I always leave with a smile !!! Hugs to you !!!


  20. Love the new pic and background color, Lana! Miss you on the forum, though! Give Sam a tummy pat from me. Sarah

  21. Sam is adorable, all your animals sound delightful. Isn't it wonderful how animals come into our lives? I could not live unless I had my babies beside me.

  22. Oh Lana, Sam is just as cute as a bug's ear! .. Please give him a snug from me :)

    Absolutely gorgeous whimsies as always! I especially love your bird in hand creations!!


  23. I am loving that big kitty!! Your new creations are wonderful as always! I especially love the new blue items!