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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Finally... *S*N*O*W*!!!

Now all of you northerners, don't laugh. We got 3" - 4" of snow, but we hadn't had any to speak of this season! I think I was as excited as all the kids that were hoping for a snow day.

There's a serene silence during a snowfall. Maybe all of nature is waiting and watching, watching as the snowflakes begin to fall, one by one, then by the thousands and even more, turning the ground to winter white.

The following morning, when the sun peeks through the trees, nature comes alive with birds singing, flitting here and there, squirrels chattering, thankful for the food they had gathered in the fall, and the blanket of snow glistening, sparkling, as if God has cast a handful of diamond dust from Heaven to bless our new morning with unspeakable beauty.


If you'd like to read a little story and see an interesting clip about my turkey, visit The Primitive Gathering blog here.


  1. Wow, Lana! You are a testimony to "you get what you concentrate upon", because you finally attracted that snow! Kudos, Girl!


  2. Lana, i'm glad you got some snow...had i only known you wanted some so badly...i would very gladly have sent you some of mine:)

  3. Lana your wish has come true! The snow is beautiful and has a calming effect to world around it.
    Enjoy for the rainy season is not far off.
    Now I'm goin' over to check out that turkey friend of yours.Have a great weekend!

  4. So glad you finally got your snow for the season Lana! It looks so pretty!!

  5. LL... I'm so glad you finally got your hearts desire! Now how bout wishing for some 90º days for me ???

    please buddy? I'll be your best friend forever - lol

  6. We had another 2 inches night before last, bit surprisingly, for this time of year..it all melted already...there is still plenty in shded areas...but in the sun I can see brown grass now...wheeee

  7. What Beautiful pictures!!! we got some snow here also, its so pretty isnt' it:)

  8. You finally got your wish....enjoy it. Love the pictures.


  9. Lana, I'll send my snow on to you! I am ready for Spring! Your Blog is absolutely Beautiful. BTW...when you come to the G'burg area soon...watch for the Turkeys! We have TONS of 'em! Hugs, Starla :)

  10. Only you can make snow look appealing, Lana..LOL!! Glad you got your snow;o)!

  11. I can appreciate from afar- enjoy!!

  12. LOL..it's looks lovely..but we've had enough.
    glad you got some also!
    smiles, Deena

  13. Hi Lana! I guess we got the same local snowfall :) It was fun while it lasted...which wasn't long...
    Your banner is gorgeous!

  14. Beeautifulll! I love the look of fresh fallen snow, don't you? Enjoy! Susan

  15. It's so funny to hear someone say they WANT snow!

    I've got an award for you on my blog - please stop by to pick it up!


  16. Oh my gracious ... Lana ... had I known you were wishing so diligently for snow I would have gladly willed you some of the hundred inches or so we've accumulated this winter!!!! Good greif, we've had well over what was predicted to fall for the entire season and the "snowfall" season hasn't even concluded yet here! LOL!

    Your pictures are very beautiful!


  17. Oh Lana you are just like me when we get snow here in Virginia....I just love it. After living in Vermont for 8 years and then coming here I'm thrilled when I get a dusting of snow, I LOVE SNOW! Maybe I am part eskimo and don't know it, lol..Thank you for all your kind words on your post, you're the best....Pam

  18. I'm glad to see that you finally got some of the white stuff. We've had records amounts this year...so I'm kinda ready for spring. Not much on the ground down here in the valley, but there is still a ton in the local mountains. Great for skiing! Enjoy it while you can.

  19. OOOOhhh!!WoW what a beautiful sight!!!


  20. Lana, we were excited to get our snow here, too...it was the first we've seen this year.

    Your photos were just lovely!