Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Another Year Older AND Wiser???

I think not, lol! Yesterday, on the 18th, I turned 41. I'm long past the desire for big celebrations ~ and to think of it, I never was one to want a big celebration. My husband and I went by the hair salon where my daughter works so she could fix my hair for my birthday. Afterwards, we drove about an hour to another town to spend the day mostly window shopping and to eat lunch. Among the stores were Goodwill, Tractor Supply, Lowes, and Wal-Mart. No biggies there, just the usual, but it was nice just spending time together. I didn't find a single thing at Goodwill. I'm trying to be very picky since I have all my craft supplies boxed up and no extra room whatsoever available in the house until we get my workroom finished. My husband found an item or two for Gypsy (our horse) at Tractor Supply and got a kick out of hearing them announce on the intercom that someone in the store needed help finding an invisible fence. Everyone in the store started laughing when that anouncement came through! At Lowes we looked at lighting choices for my workroom. I know the flourescent shop lights might be an obvious choice, but I want it to look like a room as far as most of the decor goes... not a workshop. I've narrowed down the choices to a few downlight chandeliers for the ceiling, and of course I love lamps so I'll have plenty of those as well, mostly vintage pieces.

After we were through shopping, we were going to eat lunch at Outback Steakhouse, since a friend had given us a gift card. Little did we know that Outback doesn't open till 4pm ~ we found that out when we pulled into the empty parking lot and read the HOURS sign on the door!!! How embarrassing! I felt so dumb.... it seems we've spent too many years going to McDonald's, Hardee's, Taco Bell, etc. with kids in tow. We drove around to all the other nice restaurants, but all the parking lots were full, and I mean FULL! We finally settled on Shoney's, only because the parking lot was 1/2 full. We went in, thinking we'd order the buffet and pick and choose all we wanted for lunch, only to be told "today is a holiday so we have breakfast on our buffet all day long" ~ my husband and I looked at each other and laughed. I asked our server if we could still order a steak dinner off the menu... "oh sure!" she said "but it will take a little longer than usual ~ my boss is cooking today and he doesn't usually cook" ~ we laughed even more then! Can you believe the luck we were having??? We ordered the ribeye dinner and it was good, but I told my husband that they were not as good as the steaks he grills at home. He has spoiled me with his grilling. We did order dessert, even though I was stuffed and shouldn't have. I got strawberry pie and he got apple crisp a la mode so we could share our desserts with each other. Yum!

I'll share a few Signs of Spring photos with you. I am still holding out hope for a big snow, but can't ignore the little crocuses and snowdrops that have popped in the last few days. Do you see the little honeybees in the crocuses and snowdrops?

There's also my flowering quince that I started from one of Mama's bushes several years ago, it's starting to bud out as well.

And yes, that silly turkey had to get in the photos as well. I didn't turn the chickens out of the pen that day and he followed me all over the yard playing peek-a-boo, silly boy!

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  1. Happy Birthday~ your day sounds absolutey lovely. I have not been to a Tractor Supply in years~ goodness I haven't even thought of Tractor Supply in years. I learned the same lesson at Outback one day~ my face was a bit red as I was taking a friend out to lunch~ oh well. Very nice to meet you~ Sharon@C'estChouette

  2. Happy Birthday Lana! Glad you were able to spend some time with Roger...even though things didn't go as planned! Those are the days/moments that make memories!

  3. Hi Lana!!! Happy Birthday to You!!! I had to laugh about your day because i had one just like that today and this was the first time all day i was able to laugh about it...thanks for the smiles:)

  4. Happy Birthday Lana! Well..it might not have turned out as you thought it would, but being able to spend the day with someone you love sounds like the perfect birthday celebration :) I love the picks of your flowering bulbs and I still get a good giggle everytime I see your turkey in the background of any photo. He is a sneaky old bird!!! Toodles...Angie

  5. Happy Birthday! I know that you are still wishing for snow, but your beautiful spring pictures give me hope for spring on another 30 below zero windchill day! Needless to say, the crocuses and snowdrops have not shown their faces here yet! I just love your turkey, he always makes me smile! Best wishes to you! Patti

  6. Happy Birthday! Hope you had a great day.


  7. Happy Belated Birthday! You're still a baby in my book.
    And thanks for sharing the pics of the flowers and bees.Though it's only 5F here this morning I keep hoping for spring.And your turkey, he certainly is a handsome fellow!
    xo Susan

  8. First of all, Happy Birthday!!!And the Quest for the bithday meal was hysterical!!
    Now secondly, I LOVE the new look of your blog. It screams springs and the colors are wonderful!!!
    Enjoy your day!

  9. Happy Birthday...come get a little extra cake...

    Shhhh...today is the SURPRISE BLOGGY BIRTHDAY PARTY for Kari's 40th birthday...hop on over for a little cake, diet coke, and birthday cheer!!!


  10. Happy Belated Birthday, Lana! Beautiful photos!


  11. Wishing you a Very Happy Birthday!

  12. Ooh! Happy 41st! I'm busy cooking up some jumbo baked potatoes tonight; we'll light a candle in one for YOU!!!

  13. Happy Birthday (again) Lana!! And I'm sure you are just a little bit wiser! :) I love your new banner and the photo's you took are just beautiful....I never tire of seeing nature through your eyes...thanks for sharing them with us!

  14. Happy Belated Birthday Lana!! Awww, you sure did have the run around, but laughed about it in the end.

    It was nice you and hubby were able to spend some time together.

    Next year, hubby will have to make you steak at home, for your birthday.

    I wish we were seeing buds and flowere peeking through here. Brrr, it has been way too cold.

    Take Care,

  15. Hi Lana,
    Happy Birthday, sounds like you had a very memorable day. I laughed at the comment about the invisible fence thats just too strange.
    It certainly looks like spring is on its way over there, lovely photos.
    Cheers Linda

  16. Happy Birthday Lana!!

    Your day sounds like it was adventurous and that is fun for me!! Your flower photos are making me jealous....It is so cold here and not a sprout in site. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Quince bushes. They are so beautiful in bloom. I had one at my old house.

    Thanks for sharing.


  17. Sounds like an awesome birthday, Lana! We always forget that Outback opens at 4:00!! Love your Spring pics and of course pics of that crazy turkey!!LOL
    Thanks for the plug..I got ya added to the extra drawing:o)!

  18. Lana.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! More Beautiful and Wiser all rolled up into one!


  19. Happy Birthday Lana!!! Cake and ice cream wishes to you!

  20. Life is what happens when you make other plans. You have grown another year wiser. Congratulations and blessings for more wisdom and more years to come.
    kindest regards,

  21. Happy Birthday, dearest Lana! I pray that this will be a blessed year for you!

    I'm so glad you had fun with your Roger,the perfect, memory-making day!

    xo and extra birthday hugs,

  22. Happy belated birthday Lana! I'm enjoying your photos and your birthday story!

  23. Wishing you a Very Happy Birthday!

  24. 41! Just a baby! Happy Birthday, sounds like you had a wonderful day with your dear Roger.

  25. Lana, Happy belated birthday! Sometimes those celebrations that weren't what we expected are the ones we cherish and remember the most. How nice you could enjoy it with your husband. What a beautiful blog, both pictures and content. I love your Bird in the Hand pieces. Thanks for peeking in at my blog and I hope to keep new pieces coming all the time! Martha, Vintage Trifles

  26. Happy Birthday "Baby"! Take it from an "older woman" you will love your 40's, so ENJOY! Not too old to be ignored at the grocery store, but smart enough to not envy the 20-somethings for what they'll have to face. Live it up! The "world's your oyster"!!! And, I love your blog! (Found you thru comments to Kimberlee Edgar, by the way) Happy Birthday!!!

  27. Happy Birthday Dearest Lana. Love your photos of budding springtime and I just love your dear turkey.

    ~I have an award for you on my blog..if you get a chance, please stop by.

    By the way...don't you just LOVE Tractor Supply!!!!


  28. It sounds like you had a wonderful Birthday, Lana, spending time with Roger!

    I just LOVE your new photos- the one with the kitten and bouquet of flowers is my favorite. I know Spring will get here eventually, but all we see when we look out is a snow covered ground!

  29. oh LL...you're still just a baby!

    Happy belated Birthday dear, and thank you for giving us northerners a glimpse of Spring!

  30. Lana Happy BeLated Birthday!,Your spring pictures are beautiful.I grew up in Ohio until I was 12 yrs old and I can remember thses wonderful spring flowers coming up through the snow.Here in FL we don't have these ,I so love looking at others pictures of their Falls, Snows, Springs,
    Thanks You for sharing
    ((((Hugs))) Sherrie

  31. A belated Happy Birthday, Lana. It sounds as if it was a perfect day!

  32. Morning LL :)
    Just wanted to see if there was any cake leftover?
    I had so much fun riding along on the trip with you - even though it was a lil bumpy on the way, you will always remember the trip to town to celebrate your 41st :) I'm like you - no big parties on my birthday. Just a nice little dinner and an evening with friends.
    Your flowers are lovely - I always enjoy your sweet pictures, especially when they include Mr.Hambone, himself! I think he's actually posing for the camera! lol
    And for the record, I am more than a little ready for flowers. Heck, I'd do a cartwheel for a dandelion right about now!

  33. Happy Belated Birthday! :) BTW, you have been tagged!

    :) Betty

  34. Hi again, Lana!! You can thank Jean for this...come to my blog, I just tagged you!!:o)

  35. Sounds like a perfectly divine day though! Happy Belated Birthday. You have no idea how much I related when you wrote "it seems we've spent too many years going to McDonald's, Hardee's, Taco Bell, etc. with kids in tow."

    Wishing more joyfilled years to come..You are such a beautiful soul

  36. I LOVE your new make over!
    And the banner is Gorgeous!
    Sandra Evertson

  37. Happy Belated Birthday, Lana! What an interesting day for you and Roger. :-) Love your blog. It's wonderful. Great pictures. Hugs to you.

  38. Happy Birthday...I came to thank you for coming to my birthday party and end up wishing you Happy Birthday!

    Have a blessed and wonderful day!

    smiles, kari (& kijsa)