Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Turkey Tales

Ahhhh, life in the country. It's never boring, sometimes downright amusing!

The silly boy is at it again! Sunday when we got home from church, he started strutting back and forth in front of Roger's truck. It seems that he saw his reflection in the chrome and thought there was another guy strutting around. He did that non-stop for nearly 5 hours!!! He actually wore a path in the gravels from dragging his wings as he strutted. We kept checking every so often and there he was... back and forth, back and forth. It was getting dark and time for him to fly up in a tree to roost when he quit. He has a set time, really (lol!), when he roosts. It varies by about 5 minutes, and does change as the daylight hours shorten or lengthen, but we can usually guess what time it is when he decides to roost. I got a few short video clips on my digital camera, but only one will upload to photobucket. Let's see if it works for you. Though I do live out in the country and not a house in sight of ours, there is a county side road that runs in front of our house, thus the cars you see zipping past. I'm also attaching a pic I took of Tweedle Dum pecking the bumper. The chickens usually keep to the back yard, but when they saw me going around the house, they had to come along to see what was going on. The truck bumper was not harmed in the making of this video, and yes, Tweedle Dum is still here, guarding his domain. Early this morning he flew down from his roost and was lying in the sun inside the chicken pen, I had fastened the little door to the coop because of the below freezing temps and he was waiting on me to turn them out. Enjoy!


  1. Ach! Buck, buck, buck...I'm jealous!

    I so love fowl and farm life. Thank you for sharing that brilliant narcissist. He's hilarious!


  2. OH MY! I always wanted to see when they are all fanned out like that. We get tons of turkeys behind us in the field but I have yet to see one look like yours. Thanks for stopping by my blog Lana, it is always a pleasure....You have a FANTASTIC New Year....May it be Prosperous and full of Adventure! Pam

  3. Lana..this is too funny...I love turkeys. My husband get excited when we see deer in our yard..I get excited for the turkeys. Last year we had several roosting in the trees on the edge of our yard..this year we've not seen any as of yet...Still watching though.

    It sounds as if he might be smitten with one of your hens!!!

    Happy New Year.

  4. What a funny lil Turkey. Have a wonderful New Year Lana!

  5. Happy new Year Ms. Honeysuckle Lane. Don't you just love to watch the wildlife. They make the most simple things a joy to behold.

  6. Oh I love your turkey!!
    Our's are toooooo shy!!
    thanks for the pics..deena

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  8. Oh Lana!!! that is sooooo cute!!!! Look at him struttin' his stuff. Love the video.


  9. Happy New Year!
    I hope you found a golden egg!

  10. Miss Maddie'sFriday, January 04, 2008

    Isn't he a dandy!
    My mom has several in the woods next door but they are all hens, so they don't put on a show like that.
    Boy you've got raccoons, turkeys, chickens... a girl after my own heart.Have a great weekend.

  11. Silly turkey...silly life!!!

  12. Cute video Lana! My boys laughed and laughed.

  13. This is so funny, Lana! We use to see a lot of wild turkeys when we'd take our boys on hikes in the Nature Center - they really were quite bold and beautiful!

    Happy New Year!!!


  14. LOVE HIM Lana!!! Ohhh you really MUST set out a mirror to keep himself company. Hes such a good Boy~ going to protect his Mum from that intruder hiding in the bumper~ LOLOLOL HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

  15. Love the turkey!! We have a lot of wildlife too at our cottage. Great blog!! Hope you visit my blog soon. Connie

  16. Lana, that was so cute. I wish I had a turkey :)


  17. Oh my goodness, that turkey is too funny! We have a male cardinal that comes every year to peck a garden mirror to death. You know, have to keep the competition out of the yard! I wish we could get a video, but he gets spooked easily. Love it!