Friday, June 29, 2007

A Whimsical Collection

This collection is a bit of whimsy, a touch of vintage, and a smidgeon of folk art.

While working on a special order, I was thinking about how excited I was that Victoria magazine is being published again soon. Then I started thinking of all the lovely things in past issues and remembered a very fancy, scrolled, wire dome of some sort. Are you following me so far?

I thought, hmmm, I have some old rusty wire in my supplies... and there sits a dimpled strawberry pincushion that I never finished... and over there is a red papier mache box that is waiting to be added to something... and that's how this collection came to be.



  1. Scrumptious!! By-the-way, I just noticed we're both members of CWO :). Small world!

  2. Lana, this is so precious! I love you sweet strawberry ~ the wire "cloche" is wonderful ~ those cloches would sell separately I'm sure ~ and could be placed over a plant, nest or figurine! xxoo, Dawn

  3. Hello Lana....this is just wonderful. I love it...the wire cage is so great.

    I wanted to ask do you find the business on AFA..I applied and was accepted to participate...just you find it to be a good place to sell?

    Thanks....take care and God Bless


  4. Lana~ you know how much I love it! You always have beautiful ideas.

  5. Hi Lana..thank you for visiting my Blog and the nice comments on my rug! I'm enjoying all the lovely photos here and have put you on my Blog list so I can visit often and see more charming creations. Love the strawberry!!! : )

  6. Some lovely things you have here!!!!

  7. Great piece Lana! You are very creative.