Tuesday, May 22, 2007

More Victoria News

I was just looking at the Hoffman Media website and see that the Victoria website is back up and working again! I have just sent in my subscription for the new Victoria magazine. I don't want to miss a single issue! I already buy HM's Southern Lady magazine. I need to subscribe to it too, instead of trying to catch it on the magazine stands. Sometimes I do miss out.
A few years ago one of my pillows was featured in Victoria's That's Victoria section (see photo at left) ~ you talk about a country gal being on cloud nine! I was/am a HUGE fan of Victoria and for them to want to mention one of my handmade creations was a dream come true for me.
I'm sure Victoria will be bigger and better than ever. Hoffman Media publishes quality magazines with beautiful photography and well-written articles ~ I don't think we'll be disappointed.


  1. I can imagine just how exciting this was for you. Belated congratulations!
    Thank you for this link for the magazine. It was always a favorite of mine too and I'm pretty excited about the thought that it's being republished. I'd better go and sign up for my subscription too!
    Thank you for the compliment on my garden.

  2. How excited you must have been Lana...your work is beautiful. (I know, 'cause I'm honored to own some of your pieces).
    Thanks for the links...better get my subscription too! :)


  3. That is so neat that your pillow was featured in Victoria.
    I am anxiously awaiting its return, and I enjoyed the little "sneak peek" on the link you provided!

  4. Congratulations on being published ! I do love this magazine...I think I may have to head on over to their site and check it out..perhaps order a subscription. THANKS FOR SHARING.

    Take care

  5. Wonderful news!! Amazing grace! How exciting!!

  6. How exciting!! Your work is beautiful and worthy of any magazine, especially Victoria.

    I entered my subscription, and talked to them today. They said it will be more like the "old" Victoria. So looking forward to that!!

  7. How exciting!! Your work is so beautiful, it deserves national attention.

    I signed up for my subscription already, can't wait!

    Wishing you a lovely day, Lana


  8. "Still waiting....I hope I hear soon regarding the order of (necklace.) Been thinking of you...Hope all is well and have a great day!!

  9. Lana, that is so exciting! I'm sure you were thrilled, and it's a beautiful pillow!

    I am really looking forward to it, and my mother even mentioned it today. Seems they will have a lot of readers ready to buy that first copy.