Thursday, May 17, 2007

Fluff & Feathers

A *bubbly* friend of mine asked about the babies and I promised her I'd try to get more photos of them today. There are 11 of them; Buffy has 6 and Henny Penny has 5. Both mamas are still pouffy and clucking constantly. Every morning when I go to feed the chickens, I pick some clover for the babies (& mamas)... they gobble them up as fast as I can pick them! And look how the little wings are feathering out. They will be 2 weeks old Sunday. Thanks for asking about them Jean!


  1. Oh! How sweet....I especially love the closeup of the yellow/tan cute! You can just hear them clucking and "cheeping"?! :)


  2. You always have such wonderful and adorable picture of your outdoor living, can I come a visit you? (hee..hee)!! Have a lovely weekend.

  3. Your little fluffys are so adorable, Lana! Makes me want to get chicks again....

  4. Those babies are so lucky to have such a loving mamma!

    I am in love with them!!!!!!


  5. They are sooo sweet! Oh I how I wish I could have some chooks (as my aussie brother calls them) running about the garden.
    Some day...

  6. Aaah so adorable, love henny penny too!