Thursday, May 12, 2016

Something New - Folk Art Eagle Pincushion Ornaments

Sometimes I just have to do something different. I may be right in the middle of something else and an idea strikes and I have to get it on paper... or fabric. Does that ever happen to you? It happened to me, and the patriotic eagle (above) was the result.

I've had this amazing antique piece (below) pinned for a while, but the other day I happened to think of an old quilt square I had in a box and thought it would make a perfect patriotic eagle... and it did!

{via Pinterest}

I drew a pattern (or two or three) and finally had a shape I liked. I took the old quilt square apart traced the pattern on the fabric, using both front and back fabrics, hand sewed it, then stuffed it with a combination of the original cotton batting and some new cotton batting.

Then I added decorative stitches to the seams and used an antique shoe button for the eye. I had enough scraps left to make a few little strawberries, too!

Then I thought I'd make my own fabric panel from a few strips of antique French textiles. Once the fabric panel was hand sewn together, I cut out another bird pattern, hand stitched it, and stuffed it.

I added little antique bone rings to the backs of these so they could be used as ornaments.

The patriotic eagle sold right away, but if you are interested in the French textile eagle ornaments, you can find them in my Honeysuckle Lane shop.

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