Sunday, May 29, 2016

Block Printed Lavender Sachets

Each year when people visit my booth, someone... usually several someones... picks up something I've made and sniffs it, thinking that it will be lavender scented. Very few times, in all the years I've done this show, have I made something that was scented. After having to explain at several shows that, no, my items aren't lavender scented just because they are sold at the Lavender Festival, I did put some lavender buds in a few embroidered pillows for a year or two, and I filled a few sheer drawstring bags with lavender to sell as little impulse purchases.

But this year will be different! :)

My block printed note cards sold very well last year and I thought I'd carry the lavender theme designs over to fabric... and make lavender sachets!

I made a few with turquoise ink since that was the only fabric ink I had on hand.

Once I got my order of violet fabric ink from Dick Blick, I began printing on more fabric. I'm using vintage pieces.... old damask table cloths and a lining from an antique damask curtain panel.

I've got to get all of the printing done this week so the ink will have time to cure before I sew and fill all the sachets.

I'll be ready when the customers visit my booth this year! ;)

Have a blessed week,

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