Tuesday, May 3, 2016

A Clean Slate... or Canvas!

Sometimes do you ever want to start over? Wipe the slate clean and make new decisions? I'm doing that today... with some of my art!

I don't mind hanging on to my paintings for a while. I understand it sometimes takes a while for the right person to stumble upon my artwork and purchase it. And sometimes no matter how long it hangs around, some paintings just don't find a new home... at least not as fast as I'd like for it to happen.

For this reason, I'm going through my paintings again today and culling some of them. I'll set them aside and base coat them in a few days. Then they'll be ready for an entirely new look!

I looked back through my sales at the Lavender Festival last year and was pleasantly surprised that nearly all sales were paintings, prints, and block printed cards. That has helped me decide to do more artwork (instead of silk ribbon embroidery) for the festival next month!

Do you ever re-purpose your art / needlework / sewing projects after they've been around a while?

Come back in a few days to see some of my art in-progress.

Take care and God bless,

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