Thursday, October 15, 2015

Whimsy Wednesday to Tardy Thursday

So... I missed the second Whimsy Wednesday and I'm posting a day late! I have been working on pumpkin orders and completely forgot to post something. Sorry about that!

Today's offering, which should have been yesterday's, is my own simple design based on 19th century art: 1760 Whale Pin Keep. The blue-gray whale is made from recycled wool and is blanket-stitched on a dull robin's egg blue linen fabric. The year 1760 has been hand-embroidered with DMC cotton floss. The pin keep is hand-stitched closed, filled with wool scraps from my previous projects, and has a hand-written label stitched on the back. Old felt-covered pins are NOT included. It's about 5" x 7".

If you'd like to add this pin keep to your folk art collection,
it's yours for $35 (plus shipping).
Email me if interested.

SOLD ~ thank you!

Coming soon....
I recently ordered a collection of Valdani Threads and I am so excited to get started on new designs! I'll share more on that later.