Tuesday, July 14, 2015

R.I.P. Refrigerator - Art sale!!!

Hi everyone!

You know how it goes... things break down when you least expect it. However, we knew our dear old refrigerator was on its last legs, but we kept hoping it would hang on until the kitchen remodel... yes, the kitchen remodel that I have talked about forever. I have dreams of replacing the 20+ year old appliances with sleek new stainless ones, but that will have to wait. BUT the thing is, this refrigerator won't wait and I keep mopping water up from the floor and from under the vegetable bins every two days. Yes, even though it's old and dying, it has a schedule, and water has to cleaned up several times a week. Something inside is stopped up and water overflows from somewhere. There's no ice maker so that's not the problem.

But there is a solution! I am going to buy a new, cheap refrigerator that we can use and when we finally do get to remodel and buy shiny new appliances, we can move this to the basement for extra storage of cold drinks and water, etc. I found a few in the scratch 'n dent department for just under $400 and hope to bring one of those home soon. :)

In the past week, I spent a good amount of money on a new Presto pressure canner (and have already been canning green beans and pickles)

and I also had to buy a new laptop (after I spilled Sprite in it and fried the motherboard).
So... today I have listed 2 dozen original watercolor sketches at only $20 each! These include flowers and pumpkins and pincushions. Visit my shop blog to see all of them.
In a few days, I may have another sale to post... I'll have to see what I can make in a short amount of time. I think I'll be picking and canning more beans soon.
Take care & God bless,

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  1. We have purchased used appliances with great success! Not sure I will ever purchase a "new" washer because we have had such great luck with refurbished one. Hope this is true for you and your refrigerator. Canning--hard work and great enjoyment for later