Thursday, July 30, 2015

An Early Autumn with Velvet Pumpkins

This summer has been so hot and humid and I am ready for fall... but then again, I am always ready for fall! I decided to start making pumpkins earlier than last year, and evidently, some of you are ready for fall and have started placing pumpkin orders already! Thank you! :)

Over the last couple of years I have managed to collect several colors of vintage velvet and think I have plenty for this fall's harvest. The hues range from white to gold to faded peachy orange to bittersweet to dark orange and then a dark russet. I really wish I could find a gold/green color or a silvery gray... maybe I'll run across something at the 127 Sale this year.

I nearly panicked, thinking I wouldn't be able to find the fiberfil that I have used for years to stuff my pumpkins. Morning Glory is my go-to brand of fiberfil. On the 5-lb. box, it says it is manufactured by Carpenter Co. I remember a few years ago everyone was worried that it was no longer available and then it started appearing in stores again. Recently, I had trouble finding it, and today when my daughter brought two boxes home, I noticed the packaging design had changed. I'm writing to the company to see what's going on and if I will need to hoard bulk order so I don't run out for a long, long time.

I'll be sharing more photos of pumpkins as I get them made. For now, I only have one color available for single pumpkins in my Etsy shop.

Before long, I'll have velvet pumpkins all over the place! :)

Come back soon...


  1. They're wonderful Lana and all the colours you have made that I see on your Etsy site are lush and offer the promise of Autumn...
    Thank you so much for your heartfelt comment on my blog. At times we take life for granted but must remember and rejoice with those that are soon to reach the end of theirs.

  2. Oh Lana---these are wonderful little pumpkins!!!! What a wonderful talent you are. I think that there must be nothing that you can't do, and do beautifully. I just love your art my dear friend!
    It's always such a joy to see the art you bring to life.
    sending hugs...