Sunday, March 8, 2015

Saving Scraps of Scraps

Years ago I found a few 1930s quilts at an estate sale. I loved those quilts... and so did the kids... we practically wore them out. They were utilitarian, not fancy, made of feed sacks and sweet cotton prints. So we used them, and used them well. We wore holes in them... and probably holes in the holes!

Time after time I put them in the discard pile, and time after time I took them out. They were nothing but scraps by then, but I still couldn't get rid of them.

And so I began salvaging the scrappy parts of the scraps. I made pincushions and scissor pockets and strawberry emeries... and little doll quilts...

sweet, wonky, little doll quilts... quilts for dollies to snuggle under...

quilts for protecting your farmhouse table from the vase of fresh cut flowers... quilts to hang on a miniature quilt rack... quilts to tack on the wall for a bit of quaint cottage charm.

Making these recent little prim quilts has let me practice my quilt binding technique. Not that I have a technique, I just read the directions in the book and take off, but I must say... I love making and sewing on the binding!

I need this skill because I'm getting ready to make a king-size scrappy quilt! I'll keep you posted on that one! :)


P.S. If you want to see more of the little quilts, just click this link.


  1. These are so sweet Lana! I am so glad you love to salvage old vintage things too. I can't make myself toss anything handmade no matter what shape it's in. I love how you are reposing these little lovelies!
    Can't wait to see your big scappy quilt.
    sending hugs...

    1. Thank you, June! I inherited the desire to save and re-create from my parents. They were such creative savers and repurposers! :)