Thursday, December 4, 2014

A Real Christmas Tree!

This year we bought a real tree!

Roger and I had the kids come along to pick out a Christmas tree this year. We hadn't had a real one since the early days of our marriage and we were excited to get one this year!
 We got Jess, Jennifer (Michael's wife), and Wesley to come with us, but Michael had to work later that day and didn't get to help us choose.

After Roger cut it for us, Jess and Jennifer hauled it to the store on the drag sled

to be spun (that shakes out any loose needles),

trimmed (ours didn't need it),
and baled in netting.

Roger loaded it in his old Ford pickup and home we went!

Jess and Jennifer decorated the tree for me again this year. We did not have one anywhere near this big in a long time, so I had to scrap together a couple of ornament collections for them to have enough for the tree!

Roger estimated the size nearly perfect when he cut it! It only liked about an inch touching the ceiling when it was set up and we just trimmed about 3 inches off to have room to add the little star topper. Now I need to wrap a larger piece of muslin around the base and start adding presents under the tree!

 I think we'll do this again next year...
this was fun!

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