Thursday, April 18, 2013


Over the years I have met some pretty amazing women!
Some I personally know and some I know online.
Some of them I have been in contact with for years, and some of them I just recently "met".
Some of them have shared personal experiences with me for encouragement, some have shared business tips, some shared art tips,some shared health and wellness tips, and some shared their everyday life of laughter and tears.
Some of them, I have only written once or twice and some of them stay in regular contact with me.
Some I only know from their blogs and maybe via a comment on their blogs.

What these ladies have in common is their generosity. They give of their time, their talent, their experience, their expertise, and their friendship. They give.

I could write you a super-duper long list of names, but for today I want to start with only a few so that you can take your time to visit their websites and blogs, lingering for as long as you want, seeing what I see: their talent, their generosity, their wonderful attitudes, and their essence.

Enjoy and Be Inspired:

Suzanne / Painter of the Past

Lori Ann / The Spotted Hare

Dawn / The Feathered Nest

Dixie / North Dixie Designs

Jeanne / Jeanne Oliver Designs

Lacy / Lacy Young

Mary Beth / The Common Denominator 

Take care and God bless,

P.S. Don't forget to come see me at my new blog, Lana Manis.


  1. Oh my are SO sweet Lana !
    I am truly honored to be on your list!
    You inspire me . . . YOUR giving, sharing, talent . . .
    Good Karma out . . . Good Karma IN!

    Humble thanks,
    Lori Ann

  2. Lana, you are a precious friend! I'm so glad we "met online" :),and then had the opportunity to meet in person. Thank you for including me in the list of amazing talent! (You are on the top of my list!).
    I love your new blog and your new artwork. I'm also grateful for our friendship and how you've encouraged and inspired me.....You are truly an inspiration and mentor. ((Hugs))

  3. none of them are more talented than you,
    but i'm grateful to enjoy their gifts.

  4. Aw! You made my day, Lana! Now I get to meet three people who are new to me. Thanks!