Thursday, July 12, 2012

Website Woes & Anniversary Sale

Website Woes: Well, I knew it would eventually happen --- my dinosaur of a website program (FrontPage) would finally bite the dust and fade away into the land of extinction. I won't bore you with all the technical details (because I don't understand them myself), but a month or so ago while trying to update my website, Honeysuckle Lane, the program kept freezing up and I'd get error messages. After many attempts to fix it, I uninstalled the program with the intentions of re-installing it. But I couldn't find my FrontPage disk! I have looked everywhere to no avail. So, unless I can buy one (an old one since Microsoft no longer makes FrontPage), I am going to have to find another way to build and update my website. And if I buy another one, I don't know if that will fix the problem I was having or not. Maybe it was a glitch on my computer?

Do any of you have any experience with other website builders? FrontPage is a WSIWYG (what you see is what you get) format... I never had to deal with html unless I wanted to go that route... and I didn't... so I really need something easy.

I know some of you have commerce websites through your blog platforms. Any preferences... Wordpress, Blogger, etc.? Feel free to leave a link to your shop in the comments so I can see the kind of set up you have and please tell me how you like it. Did you do it yourself or did you have someone set it up for you?

I really, really need some help on this so thank you in advance for any recommendations and advice!


Anniversary Sale: On July 29th Roger and I will celebrate our 28th wedding anniversary ! Yay! :) In honor of our 28 years of wedded bliss (insert cheering crowd here) I am offering 28% off every item in both of my Etsy shops. I need to clear out as much inventory as possible and start the next couple of months with a clean slate.

All you have to do is enter 28YEARS in the coupon code box during checkout at Etsy and your items will be discounted 28%.

My shops are Honeysuckle Lane and Simple Joys Paperie. This sale goes through July 31st.

I have also recently made 3 dozen more Felted Flower Pins. I am taking them to a couple of shops next week, but wanted to offer these to my online customers first. To thank you for making them so popular, I am selling them for $10 each through July 16th. You may see them here:

And on to another subject.... please don't write me off just yet. I've had a lot going on the last few weeks and have not been blogging about my weight-loss journey. There's just not been much going on with that, but I realize those of you that were with me at the start might benefit from reading about my slow times as well as the good times. I WILL be back next Wednesday to post about it.

Thanks for sticking with me! :)

& God bless,


  1. Hi Lana
    I had the same problem ...I used Frontpage for years but when I got a new laptop with windows 7 it would not install. So I bought the Microsoft Frontpage Replacement which is called Microsoft Expression...all your frontpage html files will still be good when using this software. I bought mine on ebay somewhere..... and it is alot like frontpage...

  2. I´m so happy to see Wendy´s answer on this lana - I use Frontpage too, and so far I haven´t had any trouble (knocking on wood) urrgghh. I wouldn´t know what to do if it didn´t work. Sorry for not being of any help here.

    If it did happened and I couldn´t find out how to make a replacement, I would probably build up a blog to use as website instead - blogger would be my choice.

  3. I, too, am happy to see Wendy's answer, as I've been dreading the day my FrontPage won't work. I have Dreamweaver (part of the Adobe Creative Suite), and I find the whole Adobe suite almost impossible to figure out - I'd HAVE to make it work one day, I guess, as I'm having to do with the InDesign instead of good old Publisher, but it's hard work for my brain - it doesn't seem to be wired the same way as the Adobe people's.

    I was just going to "warn" you about Dreamweaver and watch for an answer, so I'm very happy to see there is something else to use that will be as intuitive as I've always found Front Page! Otherwise, I was going to go back and try again with site-building program on the web-hosting site.


  4. Hope you got your website woes worked out. Congrats to you and hubby on 28 years. Have a great new week. Tammy