Monday, June 18, 2012

Remains of the Day

Once again, the festival is over. The weather cooperated with partly sunny and partly overcast skies on and off... just enough to keep things from being too hot. There was a wonderful crowd all day long, lots of business, and I have come home with the remains of the day.

The website program I use is not working and I can't update my website so I have listed everything on my Honeysuckle Lane Sale Shop blog.

Come on over and see if there's something you'd like or perhaps something you'd like to purchase for a gift.

Take care and God bless,


  1. Lana, Your ribbon embroidered pillows are simply gorgeous! You do such beautiful work. I love your paper art too. Will be visiting your shops to see what you have been up to!

  2. Your ribbon work is exquisite! Glad that you had a nice show at the festival. I'm surprised that you have anything left over!