Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A Long Distance Love Affair

Dear Pottery Barn,
You had me at the mailbox.
I have loved you ever since I first laid eyes on your glossy pages filled with visions of my dream home.
It was as if you knew my heart's desires.
You enticed me even more with your ruching and your faded damasks...

{pillow photos by Pottery Barn}

... and your simple, casual style...

{photo by Pottery Barn}

I know others loved you and that you loved them, too.
It was evident in your late arrivals and your worn and already thumbed through pages.
Each and every postal worker across the country must look forward to your appearances,
no matter how fleeting.

{photo by Pottery Barn}

Every time I get a new issue, I plan on tossing out the old one(s) but I just can't bring myself to do so.
The pain is just too great and I retrieve them before they are spirited away by the well-meaning trash recyclers (otherwise known as my husband and son on their weekly Saturday trips to haul off the trash).

What if I finally decide to order the Coral Embroidered Guest Towels with Custom Monogramming that match my new bathroom color only to discover they were in a previous issue?

{photo by Pottery Barn}

And let's not forget the Bedford Home Office Collection!
If, by chance, I won the lottery (of course, I'd have to buy a ticket first),
this would be on my shopping list and I'd certainly need the catalog to place a rush order!

{photo by Pottery Barn}

What if I finally save enough money (since I don't buy lottery tickets) to buy the Gabrielle Persian Style Rugs and Variegated Silk Stripe Drapes for my living and dining rooms and can't find them in the newest publication???

{photo by Pottery Barn}

{photo by Pottery Barn}

Gasp! Perish those thoughts!!!

I save each and every issue of my beloved Pottery Barn
as if it were a love letter written to me by my one and only love...
from their heart to mine...

Oh Pottery Barn! If you only knew the depths of my love for you...

Yours faithfully,

P.S. Someday we shall meet. I will place an order and you will make my dreams come true. :)

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  1. OH, they do have the most gorgeous stuff, don't they?! Sigh...

    I broke down and ordered one of their lamps last fall and I adore it. I'm trying to figure out how to justify their office collection for my craft room, LOL. One step at a time!