Thursday, April 12, 2012

A Buddy Update

Buddy continues to do better but I think he still misses Rufus.

When we go outside, he sometimes tends to wander to the places where he and Rufus used to play... under the flowering quince bush (as in the photo above) and in the honeysuckle vines where the yard meets the woods. Buddy will go there and just sit quietly for a few minutes, perhaps wondering where Rufus has gone. It breaks my heart to think of him missing his brother, but he is getting better and he loves all the attention he is getting.

He loves being with someone at all times. Whenever we go outside, he tags along, bouncing and jumping and wagging his tail, curious about everything!

He still loves playing with the knotted rope and that old shoe...

As long as anyone will keep throwing them for him to fetch, he will keep running after them and fetching...

We still haven't gotten another puppy yet, but that will come a little later and I'm sure Buddy will be very happy to have another canine friend.

{Buddy playing hide and seek. Even though the grass is short, he thinks if he lays as flat as possible, we can't see him!}

{Buddy enjoying the late evening sun while we clear off the garden.}

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  1. What a trooper.
    Thanks for the update there's nothing like a puppy tale to warm the heart.
    Susan x

  2. Awww-he is a really GOOD dog!

  3. He looks happy and I am sure in time everyone will feel better. He was young enough that it should be like parting litter mates. How are you doing. I miss seeing you on FB but I do understand. Be well my friend and stay in touch.
    Hugs and blessings

  4. I've been thinking of you, your family and Buddy. ♥

  5. Hey there, Susan, Debra, Jan, and Karin! Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving a comment!