Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Guest Blogger ~ Lea Helmerich of My Letters to Emily

wise ...
witty ...
charming ...
inspiring ...

Those 4 words come to mind when I think of Lea. I loved her blog the first time I visited. I love that she includes a verse from the Bible that ties in with the subject. I never, ever leave there without feeling inspired or encouraged. With that, I will let you see for yourself what I am talking about. I know you will be blessed.


make a joyful noise

my favorite holiday is thanksgiving, and i used to get

fussy about halloween and Christmas squeezing it

off the calendar. now i begin celebrating thanksgiving

in september, skip halloween, and slide right on into


thanksgiving is all about families gathering together to

give thanks to the Lord for His goodness. when my

children were younger, we memorized psalm 100, the

beloved psalm of thanksgiving.

"make a joyful noise unto the Lord, all ye lands."

nobody does this better than children. as soon as your

hands are greasy from stuffing the turkey, you can be

sure a loud noise will erupt from the farthest corner of

the house!

"serve the Lord with gladness; come before His presence

with singing."

when assigning chores, remind your little noisemakers that

servants are the heroes of the Kingdom. last year i had a

pie boss, a marshmallow topper, a potato masher, a turkey

carver, and a green bean casserole mixer. i watched the

football game. :)

"for the Lord is good and His mercy is everlasting. His

faithfulness endures to all generations."

at our table we will have a jumble of cousins, aunts, uncles,

grandparents, and the first great grandbaby. the more

generations the better the food tastes!


many blessings on your gathering,



Lea, thank you so much for sharing this post with us on Thanksgiving eve.

Everyone, please be sure to leave a comment here for Lea, but also visit her own blog: my letters to emily.

Have a blessed Thanksgiving ~


  1. Beautiful! Happy Thanksgiving Lana and Lea!

  2. Oh Lea, you are wonderful! Family is so important and it's easy to lose sight of that when they're bustling around you so much and you're so focused on just getting through and getting it right - so busy with those "tasks", you quickly run out of time to enjoy them. (And by 'you', of course I mean 'I'.)

    Thanks for this beautiful reminder. No one can say it like you, Lea, and that's why we keep coming back and follow you anywhere! :)

  3. Lea thank you for sharing such a wonderful inspiring post!!! And thank you for introducing us readers to this fabulous blog in the world of BlogLand!!

    Lana, your work is breath taking beautiful... thank you for welcoming us to visit... I'm your newest Kindred Spirit.. blessigs and Happy Thanksgiving.. HHL

  4. This is beautiful... Happy thanksgiving Lana and Lea

  5. thank you, lana, for your kind words and this
    special opportunity! have a joyful thanksgiving!


  6. Lana and Lea, thank you both for your heart of thanksgiving to the One to Whom all praise is due! I loved the reference to serving with gladness and singing. May you both be blessed during this season of rejoicing!

  7. So very beautiful Lea and Lana ~
    This is such a lovely blog... and what a blessing it's been to visit here~
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  8. Thank you, Lana, for featuring Lea and her blog. I am always uplifted by her writing.

  9. So nice to meet you, Lana! I love this post! Lea is so special. I love stopping by her post for a respite! I always receive a much needed refreshing word. Her beautiful thoughts become precious prose.

    I am so thankful that she introduced me to you! I will stop back by again.

    Happy Thanksgiving to both of you!

    Many blessings,

  10. That sound wonderful. Thanksgiving is not a holiday in the UK. I think we don't need a special day to remember how much God has blessed us. I pray that my family and I will thank Him each and every day. I try to do so.

  11. We don't have halloween or Thanksgiving so we're just rocking right into Christmas and summer holidays! I love the idea of thanksgiving and adore your beautiful autumn leaves. Have a happy thanksgiving.

  12. Lana I just love Lea's writing and blog too! I can count on a good read everytime I visit her. Thank you for featuring her here. I will hop over and let her know I loved it.

  13. Wonderful interview on this beautiful blog; I especially LOVE the book pages extraordinarily clever!

  14. Oh Lea... and Lana!
    Your blog post was a pic-me-up for me today! It's several days after Thanksgiving now, but I finally had a few minutes to just relax a bit and look for an inspiring blog post... and found it here!

    P.S. Psalm 100 was the first scripture our oldest daughter memorized, at age 4... I can still hear her little voice quoting it!