Sunday, November 21, 2010

Guest Artist ~ Sharon Mitchell of Homespun Heart Primitives

This week's guest artist is Sharon Mitchell of Homespun Heart Primitives. I first met Sharon when I joined Simply Primitives, an online market for folk artists. She has always inspired me with her love of early, primitive art and her kindness towards all those she comes in contact with. Following this introduction are photos that Sharon has shared of her wax ornaments made from her own molds and a few questions and answers to get you a little bit more acquainted with Sharon ~ you'll have to visit her websites to learn even more! :)

{Mold for this new design, above, will be available soon as a benefit to raise money for Betsy's (Foothills Primitives) daughter. A single mom, Terri had surgery on September 28 and will not likely be able to return to work until after the New Year. Details coming soon on Sharon's website.}

1. What is your favorite décor style?

Primitive Early American is my favorite décor style. I love the sense of warmth and comfort from something that has a history and has been loved by others before me.

2. List your 3 favorite colors.

Red, White and Blue

3. What time of day (or night) are you most creative?

When I was younger late evening was most creative time of day after my children were in bed. Now I find the mornings are my best creative time. I attribute this to a good nights sleep and a good dose of morning daylight to work in, which my eyes greatly appreciate.

4. If you could acquire any piece of art by another artist, what would it be?

An Izannah Walker doll would be my hearts desire. Her dolls to me are the embodiment of beautiful three dimensional folk art.

5. Describe your dream studio.

My dream studio would be in a rustic log cabin filled with primitive antiques to house all my supplies with plenty of windows for light.


Sharon, thanks so much for sharing a bit about yourself with us! :)

Please be sure to visit the following sites to see more of Sharon's wonderful, folk art designs:


Thanks to everyone for visiting. I'll have a guest blogger on Wednesday and on other days this week I will share some very interesting things I found hanging on my wisteria vine and I will be asking for some decor advice.

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  2. Lana, thank you for featuring Sharon! I enjoyed reading and learning more about her art. I love those wax molds, especially the profiles of the girls in the first photo. Thanks Sharon for sharing!

  3. hi lana!

    you have done such a lovely job with this guest
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