Monday, November 15, 2010

Guest Artist ~ Jenny Batt of Hank + Hunt

Welcome to the second Guest Artist post! This week I'd like to introduce you to Jenny of Hank + Hunt. I first met Jenny back in September when she did a blog post about my Simple Joys Paperie shop. When I visited her blog to read the post, I was immediately draw to her lovely fabric garlands and knew I'd want to feature her as a guest artist. So... here are the 5 questions Jenny chose to answer, along with photos of her work:

1. Why do you do the art that you do?

I love finding the perfect decorations for parties. I usually make my own because I can never find the color or pattern I need. I am sometimes overly ambitious. One day I was playing with my new sewing machine goodies from last Christmas and the lovely that came out looked like garland to me. I had never seen fabric garlands before and thought it would be a great idea. They are durable and more enduring than paper streamers, which I have ripped countless numbers of right before the party. I love touching them and knowing I will still have these lovelies years and many celebrations from now. I also REALLY love to share things…so Hank + Hunt was born.

2. List your 3 favorite colors.

Martha Blue, Kelly Green and any range of white.

3. What is your earliest memory of crafting / creating?

The first thing I ever sewed was a fabric spatula. I don’t know why, but it was ninth grade and my best friend and I were feeling crafty. It makes me laugh every time I think about it. But what I really remember about it, was that I sewed without a pattern. I still have that sewing style. I will usually make it up rather than sewing from a premade pattern.

4. What time of day (or night) are you most creative?

Usually anytime during the day, when I should really be doing my errands or chores I will have a great idea. I have to make lists (a lot of them) or else I would never get anything done!

5. Of all the pieces you have created, which one meant the most to you?

It’s not garland. I just made this little monster; well, okay…he’s almost as big as my 3 year old. I made him to go with his little monster birthday party. He loves it. It makes me feel all proud inside to have him insist on bringing it with us everywhere and to bed. I made it and he loves it. I can’t describe how wonderful it makes me feel.

Thank you, Jenny, for sharing a bit about yourself!

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  1. what a sweet lady and so gifted, too! her monster is
    just adorable.

    thank you, lana, for introducing us to her.

  2. I heart Jenny!!! I'm in awe of her sewing and party decorating skills just as I am of your way with paper!! What a great feature!