Monday, August 23, 2010

Soldier Unknown continues...

Last year I began a blog about an unknown WWII soldier and his diary. Without explaining all the reasons in detail, suffice it to say, life got in the way and I dropped the ball. :(

It's been nearly a year since the last post and so I will begin blogging the soldier's diary entries once again in September ~ the entries coincide with the actual dates in the diary. Please read the sidebar on this page to understand more about Soldier Unknown.

If you'd like to link to it on your blog, please feel free to take the Share the Journal photo on the SU sidebar and add it to your blog.


p.s. The Fund My Flooring, please! junk sale is going well. There are items left to browse and more to be added on the 28th.


  1. wow, how cool it that, Lana...I will follow your blog as you post the entries.
    Too bad that you can't find out what happened to him and who he was.

  2. Lana,
    What a cool thing to have! Thanks for coming by my blog!