Monday, April 26, 2010

Paper Pretties...

Over the weekend I managed to get a few new vintage book wreaths listed in my Etsy shop, Simple Joys Paperie.

The first one is from an old Alice in Wonderland book. In a week or so, I will have one made from Through the Looking Glass.

The other two wreaths are made from a book called Mother Knows Best (c)1927. I wanted to use the entire title page, but due to a library stamp over part of the design, I had to cut out what I could salvage. One wreath has a pretty little bouquet and wreath from the title page:

...and the other wreath has MOTHER which was all I could get from the Mother Knows Best title due to the purple library stamp across the rest of it.

I placed MOTHER over a large vintage mother of pearl cabochon for a unique centerpiece.


Now for the news around home. I am still working on the bathroom ~ sigh. It's not taking this long really, it's just that I took a break for a few days and now have to get as much as possible finished this week. By the weekend, I hope to have everything except for the flooring and the trim that goes down after the flooring is installed.

As for outdoors, I still need to work on the backyard flower bed --- however, I'd like to go a few days without picking up trash! We have had a bear visit us two nights out of the last three nights. Our trash cans were snapped shut (no, they aren't bear proof) and the bear(s) got into them, rolled them over the hill and carried large bags of trash about 1/2 an acre away before tearing into them. The cans now have large punctures in them. We knew there were bears in the area since the park service brought several in a few years ago, much to most everyone's protests. Quite a few neighbors are having trouble with them and have mentioned that the bears are not afraid of humans, which is not a good sign. My daughter and I had been doing our walking on a trail in the woods beside our house ~ not anymore. It's sad, these last couple of years are the first times in my life that I have been worried about walking in the woods. I practically grew up in the woods and though I was taught to be cautious, I was never afraid, and always enjoyed going deep into the woods and camping and fishing and swimming in the river down through the years. My how things have changed!

I'll keep you posted about the bathroom... and the bear! :)

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  1. ooooh! Those wreaths are beautiful!!!

  2. Visiting bears have to unnerve you! You might want to report it to the local wildlife officials.

    And your paper wreaths are lovely, once again. I can't blame you about taking a break from the bathroom remodel. Whew!

  3. Lana, these wreaths are so beautiful. I love that you use a vintage book and illustrations from it for the center. The Mother one is wonderful! Also,your necklaces in the last post are great. Have a good week and good luck with the rest of the BR! Sherry

  4. Hello again. I just tried my hand at the book page wreath. yours is much nicer than my first effort at it. Come see. Also I am hosting a giveaway!

  5. These are very, very lovely Lana :) I especially love the bouquet and wreath in the center.

    Wishing you a lovely day,

  6. You have a great shop...I love anything with vintage paper! LOL!


  7. Beautiful, as always....and I see others thought the same thing! Congrats on your sales! :)

    ....and watch out for bear!

  8. Your wreaths are so wonderful!
    I am sorry for your pesty neighbors. I hope they meander far away from your trail in the woods soon.

  9. Your paper wreaths are beautiful, Lana. And I hope you get to finish your bathroom soon - and take walks in the trails as well, soon enough.


  10. Hi Lana...I came by to let you know you won my blog giveaway {if you could send me your mailing info, I'll get your goodies right out to you} paper wreaths are stunning!