Monday, April 19, 2010

Not very pretty...

... by ANY stretch of the imagination, but I hope to change that very soon. :)

Yes, the lilac IS pretty, but I'm talking about the bathroom pics below. I sure didn't want to begin this post with ugly pics! ;)

When I got ready to spring clean the bathroom, I realized that although cleaning is good, it still needed more. More, as in a clean fresh coat of paint ~ the dark green stenciled ivy had been there a loooong time and the walls were dingy white although they'd been washed a lot.

We aren't smokers, but the walls had gotten dingy over the past xx years. I'm ashamed to say how long it had been since I'd painted the bathroom.

Trim needed to be painted, the linoleum badly needed replacing, light fixtures and faucets needed updating, and the sink cabinet needed to be painted or refinished. I also have a china cabinet in there for storage that needed updating or changing out with something else.

So, with no money and no plan (isn't that how is usually happens?), I decided to re-do the bathroom. I have been buying paint and fixtures as I sell something from one of my Etsy shops (here, here, and here) or from my website, here. The tub and the sink will have to remain, but I am slowly, but surely, changing everything else. My husband, a self-employed carpenter, has been very busy with other people's homes (sound familiar?) and also recently suffered some cracked ribs, so I am pretty much on my own here.

I have painted the walls, and Roger has installed the new light fixtures (it was painful, but bless his heart, he still did it), and hopefully by the weekend we will have purchased and installed the white beadboard. Flooring may have to wait until after the Lavender Festival in June. Until then, I will remove the trim around the floor, rip out the old linoleum and put a few scatter rugs down on the plywood.

Check back in a week or so for updated pics...... I hope! ;)

Have a lovely week!

Take Care and God Bless,


  1. That's a huge room! Lucky girl. We are working on our bathrooms, too - both at the same time. It's been MONTHS! I hope this week to get one of the sinks back in the room - it's been sitting in the hallway all this time, stopping us from being able to shut the door! . Can't wait!


  2. Yes, the house plan was for one full bath and one 1/2 bath, but the homeowners combined for a larger room. I'm tearing up the rug today... in between scratching this poison oak rash that I got from weeding the flower beds! :(

  3. Ha you confused me for a bit with those lilac pictures ;) Can't wait to see what the finished bathroom looks like

  4. I didn't realize that you were suffering with cracked ribs, in addition to a poison oak rash. Geez, I hope you get to feeling better! How exciting to get going on a project and make improvements. The first step is the hardest. Can't wait to see the progress over time!

  5. ahhhhh, you sound just like me! - why are we inspired when we have no $...and then as soon as we have $ not inspired? found the perfect duvet cover on ebay, have been searching for months - of course it's perfect, since i have no $!! can't wait to see the pictures! xoxo

  6. Lana this sounds like so much work, but will be so worth it. We did two bathrooms three years ago and what a difference it has made. We did all the work as well, and said that we would never do that again. A year later we did the
    Can't wait to see the afters.

  7. Can't wait to see the remodel!! Hurry, hurry, hurry! :) (no pressure, just really anxious!)

    Hope Roger is feeling better.

    Oh, and those lilacs ARE very pretty!