Thursday, September 3, 2009

Our truck-bed runneth over...

This is after we had already picked and ate and gave away about 30-40 watermelons.

We also picked and gave away and ate and froze and made jam from more than 60 mushmelons. Unfortunately, the racoons totally destroyed a large amount of mushmelons that were left.

We were going to pick them the next day to give away and/or sell.

There are more watermelons in the patch that need to be picked in the next few days, soon as all the hay is baled and put up in the barn.


  1. what a wonderful pic- how plentiful!wish I were closer...

  2. Here in the mountains of the West, we are lucky to get one lonely watermelon the size of a softball! We have to view our yearly attempt as an experiment, rather than a sure bet... right now, our little experiment looks more like a ping-pong ball than a watermelon, but it might grow more, right? :)

    Enjoy your abundance!

  3. That's a great photo and an awesome crop of melons. I grew up on a dairy farm and my dad was really into gardening, so we had huge gardens to tend. One of the summer's gems I liked the best was watermelon, warm and juicy from the sun.