Friday, September 18, 2009

New Wreaths @ Simple Joys Paperie

I was so excited when I found a Norse-English dictionary a while back!
I knew exactly what I'd do with it ~ make a wreath!
This one is inspired by the Jeanne D'Arc Living magazines and all of the beautiful blogs that show light and airy Scandinavian decor. It's my first square wreath:

This one is made from an antique book called The Masquerader.
I thought it would be perfect for Halloween:

I have a few more wreaths to finish up and get listed on etsy. I also have a couple more that need their center medallions ~ these were special orders ~ and I got a bit behind while feeling under the weather and helping my youngest get his second year of college sorted out ~ among a few other things going on.
You may read more about the wreaths and see more photos at
Simple Joys Paperie.
I also have a few sets of pumpkins and two cats that need to be finished...
where, oh where, do the hours go?


  1. Your wreaths are so beautiful! Love that square design too!

  2. I agree that square design is great!

  3. Your work is so incredible and imaginative. I always love seeing the ways you repurpose old books! Stan

  4. Just beautiful. Somehow the square one reminds me of a honeycomb... perhaps it is the transparency of the paper and how the light passes through it.