Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Vintage Glass Wares & Simple Joys from Simple Times

Did you see the latest issue of Romantic Country magazine? There's an article about cranberry glass and I happen to have some listed on ebay tonight! Click here to see these sweet vintage pieces. They are scheduled to begin at 8pm central, but sometimes it takes a while for the auctions to show up. Thanks for looking!


A tisket, a tasket,

a cushion for your basket!

Here's the heartfelt sales pitch for my offerings this month. I truly feel this way and understand the need for keeping to a budget these days:
Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could go back to simpler times for a while and just enjoy life, our friends and families, and all that we have been blessed with? This is just a tiny effort on my part, but I’d like to help you by offering some Simple Joys from Simple Times. Many of us are on limited budgets but still want to purchase something special for a friend, something that lets us wax nostalgic about simpler times. I am offering items this month that will fit the lower end of your gift-giving budget, but will still be cherished for it’s nostalgic sentiment.

(the entire SHABBY STRIPES set pictured above is sold ~ thank you!)

There’s a warm feeling that engulfs us when we see something and think, “Oh, I remember that! My grandparents had one just like it!” or “I haven’t seen that in years! I used to help my mama do that when I was a child”. Maybe it was the old sofa that your grandparents had for as long as you can remember ~ and then some! Maybe it was the pincushion that your mother or grandmother put in your hands to hold while she pinned a garment or quilt that she was making. Maybe a color or a texture or a scent is all you need to take you back to simpler times.

These pincushions will evoke the same kind of nostalgia. They are made from interesting upholstery fabrics from the early 1900s. Some pieces show wear and age ~ I think I would too if I were from the first part of the 20th century! I salvaged them from an old coverlet that someone had made. The individual pieces were odd shapes and sizes, haphazardly sewn together, some having ½” seams and others having nearly 4” seams; some seams were machine sewn and some were sewn by hand. Perhaps someone who wasn’t skilled in sewing made it out of necessity? Or maybe a young girl was learning to sew and this was her first project? Nevertheless, I couldn’t pass it up; there were so many colors and textures, and many of the fabrics had faded 10 times lighter than the original color!

I have stuffed each pincushion with fiberfill and about ¼ cup of intoxicatingly scented lavender buds. The worn places have been lined with a piece of wool blanket during stuffing. Some original stitching lines are still evident as well as some very old stains even though the fabrics have been laundered. Each one will come with an antique or vintage stickpin (approx. 3” – 4” long) as well as a stack of old buttons on the pin. These may be used as a pincushion, a sachet for your drawer, or a display cushion for your hatpin collection. Different vintage fabrics are used for the backs as well. Please visit the Pincushions page of my website for photos of more than 30 unique pincushions. Prices are $15, $12, $10, and $7 and free shipping to anywhere in the US with a purchase of 5 or more pincushions! While there, be sure to click on the links of the individual online markets that are mentioned ~ there's lots more handmade items by many more artists!


I also have a rustic / primitive style bird's nest pendant for sale.

update: SOLD ~ thank you!


  1. I've been coming by and reading as with many blogs...don't always let you know! These look really sweet! I'll have a look at those too...

  2. Great images!

    I am celebrating my 100th post. Please stop by and enter my giveaway.


  3. Lana these are lovely! you have such pretty creations! I agree with you about simpler times. I've always thought I'd like to live back in the old days (even with the hard work back then)I think people were more content & happy even though they had a lot less than we do these days. God bless, Laura

  4. Your pincushions look wonderful! How much fun to play with such vintage fabric. I like to think of all the things it could have been in a former life. Have a great week.

  5. Beautiful work Lana, Have a fantastic Halloween!