Tuesday, September 2, 2008

What's New & How the critters are doing....

To go somewhere or to accomplish something, you have to go from POINT A:

To reach POINT C:

My sisters always accused me of not being able to keep a secret. I beg to differ with them, but since I am the youngest, and my two sisters are OLDer (lol!), I will not argue with them on that matter at the moment.

I was going to wait until the giveaway on the 15th to show my new items that I've been working on, but I am having so much fun and have already put some up for sale, I just had to share with you! I recently learned something new, block (or relief) printing. If you want to read a little more about it and how I first got interested in it, please visit the Artwork page of my website. If you'd like to see my framed artwork that is currently for sale, visit my ebay page.

The pumpkin set is called Pumpkin Panache and is sold as framed sets (on ebay and later on my website) or you may find 3 styles of note cards on the Cards page of my website now.

I also made a few punch needle embroidery pincushion boxes that are currently on ebay.

I'm still taking entries for the giveaway... just scroll down a few posts till you see GIVEAWAY in the title and comment.


Now for the babies.....

don't laugh, or gasp, or make weird faces..... she doesn't realize how ugly she is and we don't want to scar her for life by being unkind. By the way ~ I am HOPING it's a she, lol! I don't see the forming of a comb or rooster tail feathers, so maybe, just maybe, my only baby isn't a rooster! No name yet, I usually wait till something about their personality helps me decide. Who knows... I may have a contest later to give her a name!

And Smokey is growing like a weed! Bless his heart, that ear will always be like that, but I think it gives him a bit of rogue-ish charm, don't you think? When Roger and I get up in the morning, start stirring around, getting our coffee, looking out the back door..... Smokey is always ready and watching and calling for Roger to come feed him. He's such a baby!

And Sam, what can I say? He is one of the LAZIEST cats we have ever had! He lies on the porch (when he's not snuggled in the hay in the barn) and when he sees us he starts meowing, wanting to be petted (and wants milk in his bowl).

I'll sit down on the swing and Sam will come towards me and he drops to the porch and rolls over on his back to be scratched. But the thing is, he always drops about 2 feet away, just out of reach and I have to get up and go over to him! His fur is so soft, and his black paws are so sweet.... ok... I'm a sucker for animals.

I think I'll try a relief print of Sam when I've had a little more practice.

Well, that's it for now ~ I hope all of you had a safe and fun Labor Day!

Take Care & God Bless,



Honeysuckle Lane



  1. The block prints are beautiful! What a great technique to try!

    LOL, the little baby chick is just soooo ugly! Looks like a Matilda to me.

  2. Those prints are gorgeous, Lana. And shhhh. you are right, we don't want to scar her for life. She is beautiful just as she is.
    xo Lidy

  3. Hi Lana! thank you for stopping by my blog. I absolutely love yours...

    your new baby is not ugly, I think she is adorable.

    Didnt God do his best work creating babies of all species?? Something about baby animals just makes me melt.

    Your block prints are awesome! I am so jealous of your talent.

  4. hi lana... what a nice post, makes me take a breath and want to be there with you! i loved reading about your printing... jealous i am though, since block printing has always intrigued me, and you know... 'one of these days' in my thoughts... like chicky...have you considered snickerdoodle for a name...lol...have fun!

  5. wow...the moss never has a chance to grow under you LL, you're always on the move w/ something new and fresh!

    Always fun hearing about your critters, and i dearly love your Smokey!

  6. Love your new artwork! And I think that little chick is just adorable! She looks like a Pearl to me!
    Sandra Evertson

  7. OK this is weird- but when I saw the photo of the "poultry", the first name I thought of was Matilda (Tillie for short), so I guess Donna and I are on the same page!! BTW, I think she is beautiful....

    And the block prints are soooo cool!

  8. I see you have been busy.
    The prints are another example of your wonderful work.
    As for the critters, wouldn't life be rather boring without their unique characters.
    How about Henny Penny for the chick?
    xo Susan

  9. Whatever you name her/him, the baby is adorable. And I LOVE your new addiction,er uh... block prints! :)