Friday, September 19, 2008

Eye Candy....

I received a package from a west coast friend of mine in the mail yesterday. I had placed a special order for a child's shoe pincushion and she had also picked up some supplies for me that I could not find in stores here. I unpacked my supplies and then began unwrapping the pincusion.... oh my! It was more beautiful than I could have imagined!
Can you imagine a little child wearing such a sweet, charming dimunitive shoe? It's just perfect, the velvet cushion, the buttons, the old pins.... it's perfect... did I already say that??? Look at the old ribbon and buckle! I told Sylvia (oh! I forgot to say who made it!) that I think I'll have to start collecting her little children's shoe pincushions...

And if that wasn't worth every dime and more... I found a card in the box thanking me for our friendship and she sent me this necklace! It has an angel and little doll on one side...

and a turkey on the other! How fitting is that? Sylvia makes the most awesome dolls and whimsies and jewelry. I know by now you are dying to see what else she makes. Click here to visit her blog and from there you can go to the online sites that feature her work.

Thank you so much Sylvia!


And now I want to send you on another journey from the west coast of the US all the way around the world to Denmark! Lone is another online friend of mine. She makes the most perfect, antique and vintage looking dolls! I tried to link to a photo on her blog, but couldn't get it to work, so you will just have to go see for yourself! She makes anything from Queen Anne style dolls to Izannah Walker dolls to more whimsical Dorothy (from Oz) dolls. I have gathered, from her conversations over time, that she has a wonderful collection of antique dolls as well! Be sure to go see Lone and say hello!


While we are still in Europe, let's blog hop over to Gigi's blog. How I wish I had the patience for such tiny stitches! If you appreciate needlework and love antique inspired designs, you will love Gigi's blog!


Last, but not least, even if you can't read a word of it (like me!) you will enjoy this blog immensely! Ciel D'Orage is pure eye candy for lovers of soothing, calming whites and ivories and textures. I have spent a LOT of time there just looking at all the photos.


Thanks for stopping by today and have fun browsing all the beautiful blogs out there...

Take Care & God Bless,



  1. Lana, I don't think that I've ever seen such a beautiful pin cushion. How nice that your friend, Sylvia, was so thoughtful. My best friend lives in Florida. We have a "Friendship ball" that we have sent back and forth for years. I enjoyed my visit. Now I am going to check out Sylvia.

  2. Sylvia creates such beautiful things! The shoe pincushion is adorable and the turkey charm is "so you", well, uh...."so Tweedle-dum"!

  3. Oh Lana...I am tickled that you love your little shoe pin cushion! :) I think it will be happy there amongst all of the wonderful treasures that you have collected over the years! Thank you for everything...and most of all for being a are the best. :)