Monday, September 8, 2008

A busy week ahead...

Seems like life is always busy. Does that happen as you get older? Life didn't seem to be so hectic when I was a little girl at home. Near the end of this post, I'll share how I start my busy day and how I try to take just a few minutes of peace and quiet before everything begins.
As for the busy week ahead... Let's see, I need to finish up and ship a few more orders, make / finish all of my folk art and primitive offerings for Simply Primitives, TDIPT Mercantile, The Primitive Gathering, and the next TEA webshow ~ ALL but the last is due by Wednesday night!
There'll be a new framed punch needle design, frosty pumpkins on an old tin stand, aged & distressed pumpkin block prints, some quaint little potted pumpkins (still working on the design), and for the antique sewing tools enthusiasts, I have made some block prints of antique make-do pincushions that are in my collection.

I also need to get some things from my workroom listed on ebay..... boxes of fabrics.... odds and ends that I saved thinking one day I'd use it and that particular one day has never arrived. I also have more vintage bark cloth, a shabby roses bedspread, crafts books... the list goes on and on. I may check into what I can list on etsy as well so we don't have to wait on an auction to end, just do a set price, wouldn't that be easier?

Just for FUN! ~ Terri of Thistle House Primitives is having a giveaway, but hurry, it ends tomorrow! I love the little pinkeeps she made, especially the blue one!
How I begin most mornings~ I'm usually busy in my workroom during the day. Before I start working, I open the door first thing in the mornings to let in the cool, fresh air and to watch the sun start to filter throught the trees. I close my eyes and listen and just breathe.... I can hear the birds, several kinds of them, the cardianal, the chickadee, and there's a woodpecker pecking. It's still hot here and I still hear the grasshoppers / cicadas, though they are not as deafening. I hear the train whistle off in the distance, it's a few miles down the road as the crow flies. I hear the squirrels chattering away in the trees. One of the hens is clucking, now two, now three or four, lol! Maybe we'll have some eggs today! I can hear that little chick chirping as it learns to scratch around in the dirt. I moved Buffy and her baby in the pen with the rest of the chickens on Saturday.

Sam sleeps on the porch just outside my door when he's not at the barn, and he's at the door waiting when I open it in the mornings. I think he likes having me near, and I like having him near. He answers me everytime I ask a question throughout the day. It may be the same meow or purr each time, but he still answers.

And no, I haven't forgotten to mention Tweedle Dum. He's out there too. Somehow he knows when I am in my workroom and he makes his way up to the back porch to stretch his long neck and peek in. One day I was singing, practicing a new song (my sister and I sing in church sometimes) and I heard clucking, not a gobble, but just soft clucking. I stopped and it stopped. Then I started singing again and I heard the clucking again.... as I sang I walked to the screen door and looked out and there was TD! Guess he wanted to provide a little music! There's nothing better than the music of nature.

"Let every thing that hath breath praise the Lord.
Praise ye the Lord."
Psalm 150:6



  1. I have found that time speeds up as you get older, no doubt! What a great way to start your days.

    Love the little hints of the fall treasures you are creating!

  2. Love seeing peeks of your new fall offerings, and pretty pics of your mornings too. Who could resist giving a sweetie like Sam a tummy rub!?

  3. Sounds as the 'The Quickening' is getting to you too Lana. Face it, it's unavoidable.

    But you have it under control with your peaceful and loving attitude. Hang in there as ever.

    Hey, you and Suzanne are doing a joint venture? Looks darling! I eagerly look forward to it!!!

    Christine (AKA-Zwee!!!!!!)

  4. Oohhh! I can't wait for your updates! Those glimpses look great! So glad that TD is doing well and enjoys singing with you. I think that I should learn a lesson from you and start my day listening and giving thanks rather than yelling at my boys to get out of bed... NOW! ggg
    Blessings, Patti

  5. Lana,don't work too hard!(Although when you do what you love, it hardly seems like work.)
    It sounds like your mornings are simply idyllic, heavenly... I'm sure you can't wait to get to your studio every day...

  6. HI Lana! Have enjoyed reading your blog today~ you been BUSY! Of coarse I had to let you know how much i LOVE this one picture of Tweedle D. and the skep~ Precious! A bear got both my boys...we shot him with rubber slugs and he dropped Thanks, but he was too badly hurt and we had to put him down 2 days later. Poor boy~ he was my favorite, but Giving has made full recovery, and is becomming quite attatched to me~ he runs off my little weenie dog Dixie whenever she gets too close to me LOL! xoxoxo Rachael