Saturday, September 20, 2008

Another non-related items post...

Nothing special about the glue, and no, it's not an ad for Aleene's Tacky Glue, though as much as I buy of the stuff, I should be making big bucks for keeping them in business! That photo is just to illustrate what I deal with on a regular basis. My kids make fun of me. I can't blame them. I bought the bottle of glue (in the front) because I was out. I brought it home day before yesterday and set it down on my worktable................... beside the full, never used, bottle of glue that I bought about a week ago because I was out. There are other bottles of glue just outside of the photo frame. Same scenario. I have other things that I bought because I was out and needed it, only to bring home to place on the shelf beside it's twin. Don't even go there.... I'm not counting. By the way, anyone need safety pins, off white button thread, glass glitter, shipping labels, jewelry wire, double-sided tape, salsa, steak sauce, seasoning, butter, pickles ....... I think I'll stop there. You get the picture?
Speaking of pictures (I led you into to that one rather smoothly, huh?), I want to share some pictures of this awesome table my husband hand crafted. He is in new-home construction, but you know how that market has been for the last several months, so he has been doing smaller jobs, remodeling, building decks and porches, cutting and baling hay in between the other jobs, and when someone can catch him long enough ~ he builds furniture.

Customers show him a picture or describe what they want, and he builds it, from scratch. This table is for friends of ours. They have already had my husband build 2 large walnut dining tables, 2 walnut fireplace mantels, a large walnut bookcase and matching office desk. They were all beautiful! This time, they wanted a small square cherry table for their kitchen.

I love the drawer (above) and isn't the wood grain beautiful? It was finished with tung oil. No stain or varnishes.

And look at those legs! Alright, was that a whistle I heard? LOL! Roger made the first leg on a wood lathe, then made the other three by sight only! He didn't make a template and he didn't use a lathe that duplicates. He just measured and marked the sections, and carved it by sight. Amazing!


Beautiful ARTE Y PICO Award ~
Sweetie @ Sweetie's World tagged me for this award ~Thanks Sweetie!
I am supposed to list six Quirks about myself.......
1. I drink coffee all day long, and usually it totals one cup, two at the most. You see, I get my cup of coffee at about 5:45 am, sip on it, set it down and forget about it, find it, heat it in the microwave and sip on it, set it down and forget about it, find it again....... you get the idea. I usually finish it around 1 or 2 pm.
2. I eat frozen corn. When I'm out of the corn from our garden, I will buy frozen whole kernel corn. It tastes much fresher than canned. When I open a bag to cook, I always pour some out in my hand and snack on it, frozen.
3. I eat frozen peas, too! (see #2)
4. I don't like chocolate. But I do like chocolate. Weird. I don't like chocolate breads, cake, cookies, etc. However I do like Reese's peanut butter cups, Snicker's candy bars, and a few other desserts with chocolate.
5. All my animals have names. Not usually weird, but I name all my chickens too. Even when I have 25-30 of them. They all have names and I can tell them all apart from one another and I talk to them and they "talk" to me. One even clucks very softly in my ear when I'm holding her. I still don't think that's quirky, but my family and neighbors do.
6. I'm afraid of heights, but I dream I can fly (not in a plane, but soar through the air) quite often. When I am on my little utility ladder, the 3rd step from the bottom is as far as I can go before I get dizzy. I will climb a regular ladder to help out around home, but you'd think there was an earthquake from all the shaking and rattling going on!
ok, enough about me.....
Here are the rules for this award:
1. Pick five blogs that you consider deserving of this award for their creativity, design, interesting material, and which also contribute to the blogging community.
2. Each award is to have the name of the author and a link to his/her blog so that it can be visited.
3. Each award winner can show the award and put the name and link of the blog that presented the award.
4. The award winner and the one who has given the award should show the link arte y pico blogso everyone will know the origin of this award.
I'll give all of you a break. It's fun to play along, when and if you have the time. I don't want to obligate anyone this time, because I have to get back to work soon as I publish this blog, lol!
Have a lovely day!


  1. ohhhh....i want roger!...ok, could he be my best friend?? boy, what i would give to hang out with him in his shop...i dream one day i will have a lathe...i see a teaching trip to your house one day! the table is just beautiful - they are lucky people... have to tell you lana, my mom just loved her #75 charm that you made - it was just perfect...the perfect gift and she said it was so beautifully wrapped and packed - and that is you!

  2. your husband is very talented as are you. What a great team you make. Beautiful table.

    primitive woolen.typepad

  3. Love the table,,,love your blog and your creations. I also have come home with something I already have,,,that just means we need to glue more stuff, you are normal.

  4. Lana, Roger made a beautiful table! Your friends now have several heirlooms made by his talented hands.
    And I didn't realize you had a frozen food fetish, lol! Congrats on your award.

  5. I love your blog Lana - the pics are always so beautiful and and the blogs themselves very interesting. I have left you a little something on my blog.
    Thanks for the great reads!

  6. Wow Lana..that is just beautiful. He is very talented.


  7. Words can't describe how impressed I am with your husbands skill at woodworking!!!! Amazing!! I would love to run my hands on the smooth top, and those incredible carved legs. He really does fabulous work, and you just don't see that much anymore. I bet your friends feel lucky to have the pieces he has created for them... and I know these works of art will be around long after we're gone! They will be heirlooms!

  8. Oh my, what a table! How nice to have a handy and talented husband.