Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Vintage Party Anyone? & In the Works..

I know some of you bloggers LOVE the vintage pouffy party dresses and my daughter is selling one on ebay this week! I thought I'd advertise for her a little bit. She has a couple more to list today, different colors and styles / eras, all vintage. You may see them here ~ only one will show till I get the other 2 listed. My pc kept freezing up every time I tried to list on ebay so hopefully today will be better. Thanks for looking!

I'm currently working on things for the 15th updates for 3 online markets. There will be Christmas in July items (all ivory and glittery and sparkly ~ but vintage of course!), 18th century French wallpaper inspired items (as pictured above), and more! I made these dainty wall paper boxes to hold silk pincushions embellished with antique buttons. I'm working on a watercolor ~ a sample of mid 1700s French wallpaper. It will be in the same colors as the wall paper boxes.


  1. that lime green dress is a beauty! your boxes look just beautiful Lana! thanks for popping over to visit me...i just got home yesterday from tennessee and i was so glad to see that you had visited:)

  2. I luuuuurve that dress! Thank goodness that it wouldn't fit me, or I'd be sorely tempted by it ;)

  3. lovely dress
    absolutely gorgeous
    boxes..can't wait to
    see them better!!
    love ya

  4. ohhhh that dress is great!!!

    I'll have to find out the size..Terri would look Stunning in it...and she is all about that wonderful vintage look...

    The boxes are lovely too...I'll have to wait until the 15th to see more..


  5. Love the dress, too. Unfortunately, it's probably inappropriate for either church or the grocery store, the only 2 places I ever seem to be!

  6. That dress is so lovely, I am a bit late to go and visit the site, it is gone now. But how pretty! Your watercolor sounds lovely too.