Wednesday, November 7, 2007

A Little of This, A Little of That...

That was the subject of an email I recently received from a dear friend and customer. She was thinning out her collection of linens and things and was sending me a few items. Well I was not prepared for the LARGE box that was delivered a few days later! There were scraps of old French sheets, exquisitely embroidered linens, tatted laces, everything was so beautiful and exactly the sort of things that I would have collected had I been the one to find them. I hope I conveyed to her just how happy I was to receive such a thoughtful and beautiful gift. Before long, I will share a few things I am making with some of the wonderful old pieces I was given. I'll give you a couple of hints: They are about 12" tall and wear lovely white dresses...
I'd like to share with you some artwork of another dear friend of mine, Suzanne Davis of Pear Tree Pimitives. I have more of her work, but this being Autumn, I thought I'd let you see a banner I recently got from her. It is perfect for my front door! If you'd like to see more of her wonderful paintings and dolls and such, please visit her current eBay auctions here, and visit her website here. She also sells on a couple of online markets and you will find those links on her website.


  1. Can't wait to see what you create, Lana! I love the banner that Suzanne did for you!

  2. "oh Lana you lucky one!" Wow what a wonderful and delightful surprise to get those lovely fabrics and such. You are such a talent you will only create such neat and talented lovely things with it!
    xo Jeannene

  3. I love your door & your friends site is wonderful !!!! I adore the 19th Century.. Stop by and check out my newest dolly's. I need help with a name too !!! I am holding a Name give awy !!! Blessings.


  4. Lana, I'm so glad you like your banner. It is so sweet of you to post about it! That is so nice of your customer to send you so many wonderful fabrics....can't wait to see what you've made!

  5. That banner is really pretty, and OH that boxful of linens sounds divine!

  6. Sweet Lana, thank you so much for your visit..."you must come back, i just posted something i know you will like!! "Thank you so much for your sweet means so much."

    Hope you can catch up on all you have going on there!
    xoxo Jeannene

  7. Lana, what a nice friend to send you all those goodies! Ok, you have opened your front door, but can't we come inside? I want to see!

  8. A parcel like that in the mail is certainly a treasure of inspiration.I shall have to wait to see just how you put them to good use.
    I love the banner too. Suzanne's work is wonderful. Susan