Tuesday, September 25, 2007

A Must Have!!!

If you love early American history and decor, you have got to pop over to my friend Carole's website and check out her DVD! I have been a big fan of her photographs and handpainted, Rufus Porter style murals since I met her. I (and many others) have begged her to sell her photographs and make them into cards. Well, she went one step farther and she and her husband, Bill, have put together a DVD of her photographs along with beautiful music. You may see her work here. Tell her Lana sent you over for a visit!



  1. "OHHH Lana,

    it was just grand, to watch the video!!" The music and pictures took you back to another time...as if you were there. I will stop by and tell her you sent me, and leave her a comment too!!

    "God Bless, and Thank you for letting us know!"


  2. Thanks for sharing Lana. Carole has beautiful photos and the DVD looks wonderful!