Saturday, August 11, 2007

Niceness X 2!

I was presented with the Nice Matters award by Nancy Malay & Doreen Frost (update: Sylvia Anderson chose me today~ Thanks Sylvia!). I should turn right around and present the award to these wonderful ladies because they are so kind and write the sweetest emails. They have asked me to choose 5 - 7 more bloggers for this award as well. Since I was chosen for this award twice yesterday, I'll take the liberty of awarding to a few more bloggers than suggested and in turn, will those of you that are chosen please pick 5 of your own to receive this very "NICE" award:
* The Primitive Gathering ladies, yes ALL of you! This is such a kind, caring, supportive group ~ there's no way I could pick just one. You may click on the link for the TPG group blog, then visit each individual by clicking on the links on the left of that page.
* Diane Allison-Stroud ~ What a sweetheart she has been to me since we "met"!
* Donna of The Ribboned Crown ~ Ever so kind, taking time to comment on my blog when I know she must be busy creating all those enchanting crowns.
* Steph of Once Upon a Notion ~ When has she ever NOT been nice? She's a wonderful person to know.
Please be sure to visit these dear ladies ~ I'm sure you will enjoy your time spent getting to know them.
"Let us help our fellow man

When conveniently we can ~

How smoothly all the world would run

If we were kind to every one!"

Complete Cheerful Cherub by Rebecca McCann (c) 1932


  1. LOL! I came here to nominate you Lana, as I had already posted on my blog...but I see that other gals beat me to it, so consider yourself nominated times 3 now! :)

  2. You so deserve this AWARD..and thanks for awarding us Primitive Gathering gals!
    What a PRETTy award picture too

  3. LOL
    here's another from me

    You've been tagged by a "Nice Matters." Please go to my blog and retrieve the banner and then pass it on to at least 5 more but no more than 7

  4. Hi Lana, what a pleasant surprise to hear from you this morning. There is another special angel that needs some help, little Ava. you can read about her on my blog. happy day!